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iSatori Lean System 7 Review

Lean System 7 Review (LS7)

Lean System 7 from iSatori Global Technologies claims to be a new "breakthrough in nutritional science" that is designed to "penetrate and attack" your fat cells. It achieves this by increasing your metabolism, leading to weight loss. Lean System 7, as the name suggests, combines 7 key active ingredients in its proprietary blend to enhance fat loss, and I might add, some of the ingredients in it shows great promise.

Within the ingredient and formula of LS7, there are 3 key and very important compounds in which Isatori labels as "3 new revolutionary mechanisms". The claims are a bit over exaggerated; however these ingredients do show a lot of promise in the fight against body fat. One of the key ingredient in Lean System 7 is 7 Keto, which we'll get into more details about in a bit. The other two key ingredients are yerba mate and guarana, and citrus aurantium. All of which we'll explain here.

iSatori Lean System 7 is developed with several very different active ingredients that shows promise aiding fat loss. These include Citrus Aurantium, green tea, and foremost, 7 Keto DHEA. Of course, Lean System 7 also comes with some standard ingredients like Yerba Mate and Guarana.

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Lean System 7 Review - LS7 Ingredient Details

As mentioned above, Lean System 7 comprises of 7 ingredients: Below are the nutrition facts.

iSatori Lean System 7 Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 2 Caps
Servings Per: 60
LS7 Proprietary Blend:
Yerba Mate
Green Tea
Citrus Aurantium
7 Keto

Yerba Mate and Guarana - both of these ingredients are quite common in various fat burners and diet pills. They work synergistically to help users burn off fat. Guarana is a herbal form of caffeine, and you can read more about Guarana in detail here. Yerba Mate on the other hand, also supplies caffeine and theobromine. It helps to enhance focus, increase energy, and helps with fat loss. You can read more about Yerba Mate in detail here.

Green Tea - I think most readers will be somewhat familiar with green tea, and its various health benefits - one of which is weight loss benefits.

Citrus aurantium - also known as bitter orange, has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains synephrine which is a stimulant that is somewhat similar to ephedrine.  It increases metabolism and energy expenditure, and it also helps to suppress appetite. Some have labeled it as an ephedrine replacement. There are also some scientific evidence providing some support for using citrus aurantium as a fat loss ingredient. We have a very detailed article on Citrus Aurantium here.

7 Keto - 7 Keto is a metabolite of DHEA. 7 Keto offers many benefits such as weight loss, fat reduction, improved immune system etc. without ever converting into the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Recent studies have shown that when you lose 10% of your bodyweight, your metabolism also drops by about 15%, which means that its gets harder to lose more weight, while losing weight. This is why for most people, it's mission impossible to try to lose the last few pounds. Makes sense right? You body and metabolic system always tries to stay in balance, as you lose weight, your metabolism tries to find a better balance by lowering itself. 7 Keto has been found to increase T3 levels which is linked to metabolism, and increasing T3 levels aids with weight loss.

There are a number of studies done on 7 Keto, speaking well of its effect on weight loss. Take a look:

7 Keto DHEA Study: A recent clinical trial, published in Current Therapeutic Research involved 15 subjects averaging 44.5 years of age. The subjects are placed in a 7 Keto group or a placebo group. They exercised 3 times a week, and followed a 1800 calorie diet, and each subject in the 7 Keto group took 100mg of 7 Keto twice daily. After 8 weeks, the 7 Keto groups lost 200% more body fat than the placebo group. Even more notable, is that 7 Keto was well tolerated, and no side effects were reported.

So, it's pretty obvious 7 Keto works great, but what about Lean System 7 itself? Some studies done on Lean System 7 have shown promising weight loss results. Take a look below:

Lean System 7 Study: Effect of lean system 7 on metabolic rate and body composition.

This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, where 47 healthy overweight adults were given three capsules of a commercial weight-loss product (lean system 7) twice daily or an identical placebo and followed a calorie-restricted diet and an exercise program for 8 weeks. RMR (resting metabolic rate), body weight, BMI, waist and hip were measured during the study.

The study found that the Lean System 7 group had a significant increase in RMR by 7.2% compared to 0.7% of the placebo group. The LS7 group experienced significant decrease in hip circumference - average of 3.78cm vs 2.07cm. The study concluded that using Lean System 7 together with a calorie restricted diet and regular exercise reverses the decrease in RMR associated with calorie restriction. Greater weight loss was observed in the lean system 7 group, and it was also well tolerated during the 8 week study period. [1]

Lean System 7 Side Effects

The study above did not mention an adverse side effects with Lean System 7. This of course doesn't mean that its completely without side effects. Since everyone's different, its never hurts to be cautious.

Compared to many other fat burners out there right now, I have to say Lean System 7 certainly looks very promising, and it definitely worth a try. The ingredient mix looks very good to say the least, and even more so, it's one of the few fat burners on the market that has actually been tested in experiments, of which has been published in peer reviewed journals. There are a lot of diet supplements out there that claim to have so-and-so study backing it up, but rarely is such a study peer reviewed as is the case for Lean System 7.

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1. Nutrition. 2005 Feb;21(2):179-85.
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