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Biotest Hot Rox Review

Biotest Hot Rox Extreme Fat Burner

Hot Rox is the popular fat burner made by Biotest Labs. Originally, their popular fat burner was simply just known as "Hot Rox" without the "Extreme". But they've made some changes with its formula and ingredients, and then added the Extreme to the name. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any major changes with its ingredient profile, however, we'll discuss and explain some of they key ingredients that's contained in this fat burner.

With Hot Rox Extreme, Biotest claims that it's even more hardcore, and that this newer version "one-ups" the previous version. At the same time, they also claims that their fat burner blows away the competition. But we all know that these types of claims are just that, claims, and it's just all part of the marketing. The few new ingredients included in the Extreme version are Carbolin 19 and yohimbine. We'll get to explaining what these ingredients are in a bit. Below, let's take a quick look at the ingredients of Hot Rox Extreme.

Biotest Hot Rox Ingredients

Let's take a look and see what ingredients are used Biotest Hot Rox. Below are the ingredients in Hot Rox:

Serving Size (caps) 1
Servings Per 96
Hot Rox Extreme Formula 500mg (A7-E, 3,17-Dihydroxydelta-5-Etiocholane-7-One Diethylcarbonate, Carbolin 19, Piperine, Yohimbine HCl , Caffeine.)

The above gives a brief list of the ingredients. Some major differences between this newer Extreme version and the previous one is that its serving size is 1 pill now, previously it was 2 pills. Each serving contains 500mg of the newer formula, whereas the old version contained 950mg per 2 pills. Also, guggulsterone and sclaremax has been removed. In our previous Hot Rox review, we had mentioned this about Sclaremax:

Sclaremax is a compound found in a plant called Salvia Sclarea, and Sclaremax is a potent adenylate cyclase activator - meaning that it increases the enzyme action of forming cylic AMP (cAMP - cyclic adenosine monophosphate) from ATP. What's the deal with cAMP? Increased cAMP with high T3 levels greatly increases lipolysis - or the breakdown of fat. On top of that, higher levels of cAMP and T3 also decrease lipoprotein lipase activity, leading to decreased lipogenesis - or the production of fat. So in a nut shell, sclaremax: 1) increased breakdown of fat, and 2) decreased production of fat. But this is no longer in the Extreme formula. Below, we'll take a look to see what the ingredients are in the newer formula.

Hot Rox Fat Burner Review

One of the key remaining ingredients from the previous formula is A7-E (previously part of the MDX complex). A7-E in Hot Rox was developed by Bill Roberts for the main purpose of boosting T3 levels without suppressing the Thyroid Stimulation Hormone (TSH). So why increase T3 levels? When T3 levels are low, lipase activity is hindered - meaning that the activity of enzymes which breaks down of fats into glycerol and fatty acid is reduced.

It's a well documented fact that when 7 Keto DHEA is combined with guggulsterones, it helps greatly to boost T3 levels. 7 Keto DHEA has been shown to increase T3 by up to 30% without suppressing TSH. 7 Keto DHEA is a key ingredient in another fat burner called Lean System 7. However, the problem Biotest realized is that 7 Keto DHEA has a short active life, and its bioavailability isn't high enough - which led to the development of what they call A7-E. In short, A7-E has much longer active life, and greater bioavailability than 7 Keto DHEA.

One of the new ingredients added in Hot Rox Extreme is Carbolin 19, which is a derivative of forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii). This is a native indian plant that has a long history in Ayurvedic medicine, and some recent studies have found it to have benefits for weight loss, and this is an ingredient you'll find in various other fat burners as well. Forskolin is an activator of cAMP that plays a role the breakdown of stored fats, increases the basal metabolic rate, and helps increase lean mass. There's a lot more to be said about Coleus Forskohlii for being a powerful fat burner ingredient; however I won't bore you with all the details here. We already have another article that details all the weight loss benefits of forskolin and it describes many of the studies and research done on it. You can read more about Coleus Forskohlii here.

Caffeine as we all know, is a mild stimulant that has some weight loss benefits, so not much more needs to be said. It's probably one of the most common ingredients you'll see in diet pills.

The other key ingredient in Biotest HotRox Extreme is Yohimbine HCl which has stimulant and aphrodisiac properties. It has long been used to fight impotence, improve sexual performance, and increase libido. There are also plenty of research done on it as well. Aside from this, there are some limited scientific evidence that yohimbine can be an effective compound for helping fat loss. This was a study performed on 20 male soccer players, where the researchers found that subjects using yohimbine had a significant decrease in their percentage of body fat compared to the placebo group. This leads to the conclusion that Yohimbine appears to be an effective fat loss compound.


Biotest Hot Rox Side Effects & Conclusion

From the many claims made by Biotest, and all this paper talk about the new revolutionary weight loss ingredients introduced in Hot Rox, it hard to find a reason not to try Hot Rox. The combination of ingredients in Hot Rox is quite good as well, with A7-E, carbolin 19, and yohimbine. With hundreds of user Hot Rox reviews submitted on our site here, the average rating is 4/5 stars.

As with any fat burner supplement, Hot Rox Extreme contains stimulants and it has its share of possible side effects, and some of these include, nausea, increase heart rate, more sweating, dizziness, and jitters to name just a few. It is best to always test your tolerance when starting a new fat burner, so start off with just 1/2 of the recommended daily dose, see how your body reacts, and then go from there.