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Fat Flush Diet Detox & Weight Loss

The Fat Flush Diet Plan

Well, the times have changed! Many people have become very conscious about the way they look. Eager to loose the extra pounds, they try one diet plan after another. The Fat flush plan is a very good combination of a detox as well as a weight loss plan. Ann Louise’s idea of fat flush plan is perfect with all the correct reasons - it’s a balanced diet, it’s a program you can follow very safely all your life, and best of all it woks.

Its an easy way to attain that much desired cellulite free body without indulging yourself in strenuous workouts. This plan became very popular to the extent that magazines made cover stories on this plan in early 2001. It helps you restrict your calories, without hunger pangs or keeping you deprived of food. It controls the hormones in your body - insulin in particular.

The whole point is to provide all the necessary ingredients that boost metabolism, reduce water retention, and accelerate fat loss. According to this diet, human liver is the major fat-burning organ in our body. Therefore, maintaining its health is the most important step towards effective weight-loss. That is why the main idea of the Fat Flush diet is detoxification of liver and cleansing it from all the harmful toxins and wastes.

Once we detoxify and clean the liver, daily supplements of flax seed oil, cranberries juice, psyllium and multivitamins are essential to boost weight-loss. This Fat Flush diet recommends eating essential fats instead of trans- and saturated fats, lean proteins in place of highly-processed meat products, and quality low-glycemic carbohydrates instead of starchy and sugary ones.

Fat Flush Plan for Weight Loss

The important aspects of the Fat Flush deals with: health of liver, food sensitivities and resulting waterlogged tissues, fear of eating fat, excess insulin and stress.

The Fat Flush diet has three phases:

The Two-Week Fat Flush: This is a tough phase restricting your intake between 1100-1200 calories per day. The motto of this phase being "lose bloat" - which aims in reducing water retention and also some fat loss. In this phase you are not allowed to consume margarine, alcohol, sugar, oils or fats (except flaxseed oil), grains, bread, cereal, starchy vegetables, dairy products. Even the herbs and spices are restricted to a small list. Consumption of any dairy products during the first two weeks of dieting with the Fat Flush is forbidden.

To detoxify the liver and the whole body, a dieter is recommended to have “The Long Life Cocktail” (cranberries being the main constituent ) daily or can also drink a glass of hot water with fresh lemon in the morning just after waking up. One should drink a lot of water (up to 10-12 glasses per day). Besides, two tablespoons of flaxseed oil and essential fatty acid supplements, such as gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), should be taken on a daily basis.

Phase 2 - Ongoing: This phase of the diet brings some easiness to the eating regimen. In this phase, a couple of carbohydrate products can be added and the total calories intake can be increased up to 1200 – 1500 calories per day.

Phase 3 - The maintenance phase: when you reach your ideal body weight you are welcomed to the last and the final phase of this diet. This phase is a weight maintenance phase. Few starchy carbs are eventually re-introduced, along with gluten-free grains, and some dairy. The menu in this phase is made on the basis of 40/30/30 ratio, where 40% calories should be from carbs, 30% from proteins, and 30% from fats.

Speaking about the protein sources, the Fat Flush diet recommends lean organic meat, fish, poultry, and eggs, which are especially praised for their ability to regulate the bile production in liver. One is encouraged to have up to 8oz. of protein and two eggs per day.

The Fat Flush Plan also focuses on certain spices and cleansing herbs. Ginger, cinnamon, mustard, parsley and especially cayenne are among the recommended spices due to their proven thermogenic and diuretic capabilities. Milk thistle, licorice, dandelion, schisandra, and burdock belong to the herbs, promoted by the Fat Flush diet as the cleansing herbal remedies.

Its recommended to eat  every 2-3 hours. It should be mainly snacks, and not full meals. A couple of almonds, an apple or hard-boiled egg are good to balance the blood sugar and keep insulin level under control.
This diet should be followed by basic exercises such as brisk walking, stretching, and balanced resistance training in every phase.

The Up side of the Fat Flush Plan

This plan has been developed by a nutrition specialist so the details as well as the desired results can be relied upon. The basis of this plan being detoxification not only promotes weight loss, giving you a healthy body, but it also helps you attain healthier skin, nails, and increases energy.

This diet promotes a 40/30/30 ratio which is a balanced weight-loss program, it encourages a dieter to consume essential fats, balanced proteins, and quality carbohydrates.

The Down side

The allowed calorie intake is quite restrictive. This diet can also prove to be expensive as some of the foods such as flax seed oil, cranberry juice, psyllium, and essential oils supplements for daily use can be quite expensive to buy.

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