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Slimshots Review

Slimshot is a weight loss supplement that contains palm oil and oat oil as its main ingredients. Slim shot comes in small 9.3ml containers (shots) about the size of coffee creamers that can be taken alone or with other beverage and food. The combination of palm oil and oat oil claims to help suppress appetite and allow users to consume less food and less calories leading to weight loss.

Slim shots claims that it is clinically proven; however, there is little to suggest that there are any studies done on slimshots itself - I was unable to find any studies done on slimshot. However, there are some studies done on Olibra, a natural product derived from palm oil and oat oil that have found it to help suppress appetite. More on this later. While slim shot claims to be all natural, it does contain artificial vanilla flavoring.

Slim shot works by triggering the ileal brake - the body's natural appetite control. The ileal brake is a feedback mechanism activated by nutrients, especially fat, with marked effects on satiety. [1] Normally, dietary fats are digested in the duodenum, but if the digestion of fat takes place in the small intestines, it stimulates a strong feedback signal that slows down gastrointestinal transit - putting a brake on the digestive process. [2] By supplying your diet with fats that digest in the ileum, slimshots increases your satiety and reduces appetite. Please share your review, if you have used Slimshots.

Does Slimshot Work?  

Slim shot works by triggering your body's natural appetite control mechanism called the ileal brake as we mentioned above. It suppresses appetite allowing users to eat less and hence consume less calories. Studies have found that just 3 grams of lipid delivered directly to the ileum led to a significant increase in satiety and decrease in appetite. (The ileum is the final section of the small intestines.) The study also found that ileal fat infusion led to a reduced food intake. [1, 2] Other studies have also found that ileal infusion delayed gastric emptying and reduced the amount of food consumed. Their results suggest that lipid may interact with ileal receptors to induce early satiety and reduce the amount of food consumed. [3]

The two key ingredients of Slimshots is Palm oil and Oat oil - the exact same ingredients in another weight loss product called Olibra. Unlike Slimshot, Olibra is clinically proven with studies showing its effectiveness for weight loss. As far as Slim shots go, I could not find any studies for it. Regardless, because slim shot contains the same ingredients (palm and oat oil), it should work effectively to help reduce appetite and decrease food intake. Although Slim shots claim to be clinically proven, I was unable to find any studies that specifically used slimshots. However, there were several studies done on Olibra - with somewhat contradicting results - that have found the combination of palm oil and oat oil helps suppress appetite and increase the feeling of satiety.

Slimshots Reviews

50 overweight women took part in a randomized, placebo controlled, double blind study, 6 weeks of weight loss was followed by 18 weeks of weight maintenance using Olibra or a placebo yogurt. Their results found that during the weight maintenance period after initial weight loss, the group using olibra (Palm and Oat oil) experienced no weight gain while the placebo group did gain weight (3.0 +/-3.1kg). They also found that the Olibra group was less hungry four hours after yogurt consumption, concluding that consuming Olibra improved weight maintenance and reduces hunger. [4] Another study involving 50 subjects found that food intake was progressively reduced with increased dose of Olibra suggesting that Olibra fat reduced over-eating and subsequent food intake for up to 36 hours post consumption. [5]

Although these preliminary studies found Olibra to help suppress appetite and reduce over-eating, other studies have had different results and conclusions. In a study involving 28 subjects, Olibra or a placebo was given. Unlike previous studies, this study found that consuming Olibra had no effect on the amount of food consumed and no consistent effect on appetite ratings. Their results suggests that Olibra does not have an effect on food intake or appetite. [6]

Putting science aside, when it comes to the effectiveness of Slimshots, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that indeed slim shot works, and by many accounts, works quite well. Many users have reported reduced appetite and lowered food consumption. There's a mixed bag of reviews when it comes to Slim shot taste. Some users seems to like the taste, while other users absolutely cannot stand the taste. If you find that you do not enjoy the taste so much, you can always take it with a beverage or a food. Slimshot recommends taking two shots per day in the first week, and one shot per day afterwards.

While weight loss supplements such as Slimshot can help reduce appetite and lower food consumption, and help you lose weight, it is important to point out that Slim Shot recommends following a sensible diet program for best weight loss results. For lasting weight loss and weight control, you simply cannot rely solely on weight loss products such as Slimshots to help you lose weight. You must ensure to have a good diet program that will help you lose weight and burn fat. Your diet must allow you to continue to lose weight or maintain your weight without re-gaining what you lost.

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