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Dr. Phil's Diet Plan

About the Dr. Phil Diet Program

Dr Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution includes 7 key steps to follow in order to achieve permanent weight loss. These 7 steps involve behavioral modifications to adopt more positive changes leading to healthier eating and life style. Regular physical activity is also recommended for weight loss. The 7 steps are:

1) Positive thinking – the key here is to identify your negative feeling and remove these negative thoughts to achieve long term weight loss. You must identify and face your problems, and take action to resolve them.

2) Dealing with stress and emotions and avoid the behavior of binge eating. Identify the stressors in life and learn to deal with them, and avoid emotional eating

3) No fail environment – you must create an environment around yourself that will help you succeed. Remove the unhealthy foods in your kitchen or wherever you keep them, and remove anything else that might hinder your weight loss progress.

4) Control over food and impulse eating – determine the causes of your impulse eating and why you are overeating, and take appropriate actions to stop it.

5) High response cost, high yield nutrition foods – covers the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating. Understand your eating habits, and learn what will keep you healthy and help you lose weight.

6) Exercises – take part in regular physical activity to become healthy and lose weight. Stick with a consistent workout program to improve physical health.

7) Support – create a support network for yourself involving your family and friends to help you achieve your goals.

What is Dr. Phil's Diet

Dr. Phil, a media heavyweight that first came to the limelight with the Oprah Winfrey show. He is the one whose medical psychology background and his insightful wisdom is helping many people to loose weight all over the world - enabling people to discover the truth about a healthy living. Dr. Phil says that loosing weight is not quick and easy and no magic pill or exercise gizmo can replace personal commitment and a supportive plan of action. Dr. Phil Weight loss solution is one of the few widely followed weight loss product in the market as it is based on the solid foundation of no-nonsense practical advice, which makes it a preferable choice for the general public.
Dr. Phil’s program emphasizes on believing in your self and self-improvement. The 7 key behavioral modifications necessary to achieve successful, long term weight loss are:

1. Right thinking
2. Healing feelings
3. Create no-fail environment
4. Mastery over food and impulse eating
5. Involving high-response, high nutritional food in your diet
6. Intentional exercise with your diet
7. Circle of support

Dr. Phil diet includes realizing positives about yourself, counteracting emotional eating, master impulse eating, choosing proper weight loss food, and adopting a proper exercising regime in your diet without which your body metabolism would slow down. Another crucial aspect of this program is to put together a circle of support.

As you get older, your metabolism slows down, and you tend to gain weight, and the older you get the tougher it is to loose weight. Some individuals switch to extreme measures such as starving themselves, leading to unhealthy diets that cause the yo-yo effect – gaining the weight back as fast as they lose it. A general approach taken up by people is to reduce the calories intake.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, running are an effective way to burn calories but should be complemented with resistance training (lifting weights) to gain or maintain muscle mass.

A general prevailing obstacle faced by many people during their fat loss program is to have a guilty feeling after having a high fat or high carbohydrate diet. Generally people have a notion that missing out on a workout session or eating something that is contradictory to your diet plan ruins the entire effort that one has put in.

Dr Phil ultimate weight loss solution will not remove any substantial amount of fat without an effective exercise program! The only way to overcome this is to implement your diet plan with an effective fitness plan.

Looking for an effective weight loss solution, support and motivation? See bleow to learn the true method of long term, healthy weight loss that will lead to permanent weight loss results.


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