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Hoodia Diet Pill Buying Guide (III)

Desert Burn Hoodia ZA 750 Review

In part 1 of this Hoodia buying guide we went through 5 things to consider before you buy Hoodia Gordonii.

Desert Burn ZA 750, as the name suggests, contains 750mg of Hoodia Gordonii (aerial parts) per capsule. Desert Burn Hoodia sells several different types of Hoodia Gordonii diet products, and they are: Desert Burn ZA 750 Hoodia, Desert Juice Hoodia, Desert Burn Hoodia Tea, and Hoodia Java Coffee. Desert Juice is a liquid form of Hoodia, Desert Burn Hoodia Tea is a tea product, while Hoodia Java is a coffee product. Since all other previous Hoodia products reviewed are all diet pills, to keep things consistent, the only product we're interest in and will review here is the Desert Burn ZA 750 diet pill containing 750mg of Hoodia Gordonii.

Let's review Desert Burn Hoodia according to the 5 simple guidelines we have been using. Desert Burn Hoodia is not cheap. Compared to several other cheap Hoodia diet pills we reviewed in previous parts, Desert Burn is actually quite expensive costing almost 5 times as much as some of the cheapest Knock offs like Hoodia X75 (Around $10 per bottle). While price isn't a sure indicator of good quality, it does give some indication that this Hoodia diet pill probably is not a cheap knock-off. But before we come to a conclusion, we must review the other guidelines.

CITES certificates are clearly visible, and easily accessible on the Desert Burn Hoodia website. On the main page, just scrolling down a few notches, you will find an entire section clearly displaying CITES certificates and independent lab test results. Click on the links to the CITES certificates and test results pulls up large scans of original CITES certificates (dimension 5068 X 6528 pixels), which allows you to clearly read everything on the CITES document.


In the same section, independent lab testing by Alkemists Pharmaceuticals are available for viewing. Clicking on the various links to different tests opens up PDF files clearly showing the test results from Alkemists, and the viewer can clearly view the test results are being issued to "Desert Burn Industries". What impressed me was that they not only had independent test results on their Desert Burn ZA 750 diet pill, but they also clearly displayed the independent test results for their other Hoodia products such as Hoodia Java and Desert Burn Juice. So Desert Burn fits in perfectly with guidelines #2 and #3.

In addition to the CITES certificates and lab testing results, Desert Burn also shows 3 additional pieces of information that are also important: 1) the USDA import license, 2) clinical impression of Joseph Varallo MD showing the efficacy of Desert Burn, and 3) South African Phytosanitary Certificate. The south african phtyo certificate indicates that the plants were inspected by official standards and are found to be free of quarantine pests.

Now let's review the last two guidelines: Hoodia content, and labeling. Also on the main page of the Desert Burn site, product labels are easily accessible for each Hoodia product. After clicking the link to the labels, a large clear image is viewable. The label shows each capsule of Desert Burn ZA contains 750mg of Hoodia Gordonii, and on the label clearly identifies "aerial parts fingers" as the part of the plant used in the product. As well, there are no other additional ingredients added to the diet pill.

Looking at the above, it's apparent that Desert Burn meets the 5 guidelines. Not only does it meet these guidelines, but it goes above and beyond providing other supporting documents to support the authenticity of their Hoodia Gordonii products. Desert Burn costs quite a bit more (not necessarily a good or a bad thing); it clearly shows CITES certificate and independent lab test results; it  clearly labels its Hoodia Gordonii products showing which part of the Hoodia plant was used; and each capsule of Desert Burn ZA contains 750mg of Hoodia Gordonii (aerial parts).

>> Click here for HCBL Hoodia Gordonii


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