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Tonalin CLA Studies & Research

Does CLA Work?

CLA Benefits Side Effects
What is CLA?

CLA has become a rather popular dietary supplement for controlling weight and for helping with fat loss. You can learn about what is conjugated linoleic acid here in detail. There are lots of claims made for CLA supplements, and unlike many other supplements out there, CLA actually has numerous scientific studies to back up its many claims including reducing body fat mass, improving body composition, increasing lean body mass,  and preventing weight gain. There are many studies done, and we can't list them all here; however, we will highlight a few of them that were performed using human subjects. We will also mention a few animal studies, but our main focus is on studies using human participants.

Tonalin CLA Study 1:

This is an early study done on CLA effects on mice by Louisiana Stat University. They fed several groups of mice CLA for 12 weeks, and each group received different amounts of CLA. Here's what they found after 12 weeks:

  • Mice that were fed no CLA had 9.9g of body fat
  • Mice fed 0.25% of CLA as part of their diet had 9.3g of body fat
  • Mice fed 0.5% of CLA as part of their diet had 7.5g of body fat
  • Mice fed 1% of CLA as part of their diet had 5.7g of body fat

Conclusion of their research: Supplementing CLA helps reduce body fat, and higher doses of CLA helped to reduce more body fat.

Tonalin CLA Research 2:

In a published study in the Journal of Nutrition, the Scandinavian research team looked at a group of healthy men and women with BMI (body mass index) between 25 to 35. They were then broken into 5 groups: placebo group, and 4 groups which were given different amounts of CLA as follows: 1.7g, 3.4g, 5.1g, and 6.8g. Here are the findings:

  • None of the groups had significant changes in body weight or BMI
  • All 4 groups which took CLA showed significant reduction in body fat mass and increase in lean muscle mass - this was even more significant for the 5.1g and 6.8g groups
  • The 6.8g group also had the greatest lean mass gains
  • All CLA groups showed a reduction in blood fat and cholesterol
  • There was a case of stomach upsets which is attributed to using CLA
  • Subjects also noted a improvement in quality of life due to improved health conditions

Tonalin CLA Research 3:

In a study conducted by the department of public health of Uppsala University in Sweden, Riseus et al. performed research involving 25 obese men with BMI of 30 to 34, and between ages of 39 to 64 for 4 weeks - to determine CLA effects on abdominal fat. 14 men received 4.2g per day of CLA and 10 men were the placebo group.

After 4 weeks, they found a significant decrease in the "Sagittal Abdominal Diameter (SAD)" of the CLA group. SAD is a measure of visceral obesity - fat in the gut region. In other words, the CLA group lost a good chunk of fat around the waist. The CLA group had an average loss in waist diameter of 1.4cm. [1]

Tonalin CLA Research 4:

Six months supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid induces regional-specific fat mass decreases in overweight and obese.

Studies have shown that long term supplementation with CLA helps to reduce body fat mass and increase lean body mass. This study evaluated the effects of CLA on different regions of the body. In this study, 118 human subjects with a BMI of 28 to 32 participated in a double blind, placebo controlled trial. The participants were given either a 3 x 4g per day of CLA or Placebo for a period of 6 months.

The results found that CLA supplementation significantly decreased body fat mass at month 3 and 6 months compared to placebo. More importantly, this study found that the reduction of fat mass was located largely in the legs for the female subjects. It also found that the waist to hip ratio decreased significantly. The study concluded that supplementation with CLA in healthy, overweight and obese adults decreases body fat mass in specific regions such as (legs and waist area) and is well tolerated. [2]

There are many similar studies where the results found conjugated linolelic acid to have limited effect on overall body weight, but had significant benefits for reducing body fat mass [3] and increasing lean body mass. This loss in fat and gain in lean mass is what could explain the little changes in overall body weight. However, the end result is that the subjects end up with much healthier body compositions. More interesting, is that there are several studies that have found CLA to help specifically reduce fat around tough areas such as the waist and leg areas.

There are many Tonalin CLA studies, and I can't list them all. The 1st one is an older one done on animals, and the others are more recent studies done on human participants. Even though there are some (but few) studies that do not find support for benefits of supplementing CLA, the overwhelming number of studies showing positive benefits of CLA is enough for us to conclude that CLA is definitely a worth while product - not just for weight loss but for an overall improvement in health. With that said, I would suggest getting enough CLA to last for at least 1 month, but preferable 3 months or longer. CLA is rather inexpensive, so it's not an issue to get extra supply to last a longer period. The two CLA products I recommend are MRM CLA and Optimum CLA. These are two CLA products I like based on their advantageous pricing. The MRM CLA has an edge over Optimum in terms or cost effectiveness.

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