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Abs Diet Plan

What is the Abs Diet Plan

The Abs Diet is a 6 week diet plan designed to promote muscle growth and fat burning. The diet is created by Men’s Health magazine editor David Zinczenko which emphasizes 6 meals spread throughout the day where each main meal should include 2 or 3 of the “12 Power Foods”. The diet is combined with an exercise program which is focused on interval training to help achieve weight loss, and better health and fitness.

Twelve power foods
Almonds and other nuts
Beans and legumes
Spinach and other green veggies
Dairy (fat-free/low-fat)
Instant oatmeal (no sugar added)
Turkey/lean meat (steak, chicken and fish)
Peanut butter (all-natural, and limit to 3 tablespoons per day max)
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
Whole grain bread/cereal
Extra protein (whey) powder
Raspberries and other berries

The Abs Diet does not require calorie counting, and each week you’re allowed one meal to eat whatever you like. The exercise component of this diet includes strength training 3 times a week with focus on abdominal exercises, and interval training and cardio training on non-strength training days. For the first two weeks of the Abs Diet, exercising is optional.

About Abs Diet Plan

The Abs diet is a six week fitness plan introduces by David-Zincenko ,editor in chief of the Men's Health magazine that concentrates on flattening your stomach and keeping you fit on the long run where other diet plans give you short term weight loss. The idea behind this diet plan is to build muscles that consume more calories. It appeals to the increase of sexuality and improvement of body shapes.

The main followers of the abs diet plan are the people with active lifestyle for whom dieting comfort and effectiveness rate higher than following any other diet plan with extraneous workout sessions. Though the followers of the abs diet include a majority of men, women who want to build muscle and stay lean are also welcomed.

There is no exact amount of weight loss that can be achieved as every individual has a different metabolic rate owing to the peculiarities in their metabolic process. However, on average one looses about 10-12 pounds of weight loss in six weeks with the abs-diet plan.

The fundamental principle involved in the abs diet are the ones that have been followed by athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders such as eating often, building muscle, adopting a pertinacious diet and aiming to eat whole unrefined carbs which tags this diet plan as a nutritional diet. Its idea is to attain low levels of fat without involving any magic diet or tedious exercising schedules.

12 Power Foods of Abs Diet

The Abs-diet emphasizes on involving the Twelve Power Foods. It involves six power meals spread throughout the day with each major meal of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) containing atleast three of the Power Food and the snacks involving at least one of the Power Food. The term Abs Diet appears to be refer to the building of abs muscle being the core idea behind the diet, but it is an acronym referring to the  Power Food involved with the diet ( ‘A’ stands for Almonds etc) ,though the diet plan does say that following the abs diet would make the abdominal muscles more visible.

The Abs-diet does not impose any restrictions on the choice of food to be involved in the diet plan unlike others, it just emphasizes on avoiding fatty foods like fatty meats, processed/refined carbs, and high sugar food. This nutritional diet plan gives it followers one “free meal” also called as “cheat meal” where they are allowed to eat any amount of anything they like, whether it be of the recommended foods or not.
The Twelve Power foods in the Abs diet plan are:

• Almonds and other nuts
• Beans and legumes
• Spinach and other green vegetables
• Dairy (fat-free/low-fat)
• Instant oatmeal (no sugar added)
• Eggs
• Turkey/lean meat (steak, chicken and fish)
• Peanut butter (all-natural, and limit to 3 tablespoons per day max)
• Olive Oil
• Whole grain bread/cereal
• Extra protein (whey) powder
• Raspberries and other berries

Some of the food that can be had occasionally include:

• Apple sauces
• Asparagus
• Avocados
• Bananas
• Brown rice
• Canadian Bacon
• Canola oil
• Citrus fruit and juices
• Fruit juice (sugar-free)
• Lean game (ostrich, etc.)
• Garlic
• Lentils
• Mushrooms
• Melons
• Peaches
• Peanut oil
• Peas
• Peppers
• Popcorn (fat-free)
• Shellfish (bivalves)
• Soup (broth-based)
• Sunflower seeds
• Sweet potatoes
• Dark Chocolate

The idea behind involving more and more of protein based food in your diet is to burn more calories as the metabolic process requires more energy in breaking down food involving protein and the more the metabolic process works , the more is the consumption of energy resulting in more fat loss due to the heat generated during the processing of food in the body. It is an essential part of the diet program to include a strength and interval training sessions so as to increase metabolism in order to burn more fat.

The Abs-diet is not something new, it is a basic guide to strength training, good nutrition, and exercise with sensible nutritional advice. This diet plan if followed correctly would result in visible abdominal muscle, weight loss and an improved overall condition of the body.

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