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Bob Greene Diet

About Bob Greene's Diet

Bob Green, a physiologist, health guru, author of books like Best Life Diet and Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer. This young man is attributed with bring about a change in the lives of many Americans helping them overcome their health and weight related problems. He has inspired many healthy lives and the mission goes on. The fitness master also fathers the Bob Greene Diet Plan, which is not just defines the way you should eat and exercise, rather is about a healthy approach to life. Bob Green’s Diet plan is a lifestyle approach that aims beyond loosing weight, it aims at maintaining a healthy body not just for a few years but for a lifetime.

The best thing about Bob’s plan is that he takes into consideration different lifestyles, taste preferences and activity levels. Bob Green’s diet plan also does not stress on crash dieting and a rigorous exercise regime, it focuses on making healthy changes to your lifestyle and controlling haphazard food temptations. And the paramount feature of Bob Green’s Diet Plan is building the emotional strength to remain healthy.

What is the Bob Green Diet

Bob Greene’s Diet Plan is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

Phase 1 – The first phase is the homework or the preparatory stage for a healthy and fit life. This phase emphasizes on adopting healthy habits and giving away your bad food / unhealthy habits. In this phase Bob Green recommends increasing intake of water. He stresses on having an active lifestyle. Bob also recommends taking a multi-vitamin daily, having proper three meals along with one snack a day and suggests against eating before going to bed.

In this phase Bob Greene’s diet recommends doing aerobics for about half an hour daily. If you have been doing exercises even before starting the plan, you just need to slightly increase the number of hours you spend on exercising. The phase lasts for about 4 weeks. Bob believes that there will be no drastic weight loss in this phase, rather in cases where the lifestyle is extremely unhealthy; there might be no weight loss.

Phase 2 – The second phase is a buildup on the first phase. So if you have done your homework well, you are ready to move on. The second phase of the Bob Greene Diet Plan becomes a little more conservative with the choices in food. White bread should be replaced by whole grain bread, fried food, pasta and fat rich dairy and poultry products need to be scratched off your diet. Instead add fruits, vegetables, skimmed milk and olive oil to your diet.

More exercise is recommended. Bob also recommends practicing emotional control on haphazard eating and identifying emotional triggers that incite you to eat more. He recommends treating food like fuel; refilling fuel only when necessary. This phase ideally lasts 4 weeks or you can move to phase three if you are only 20 pounds above your ideal weight.

Phase 3 – The last phase is also called the maintenance phase. In this phase Bob recommends that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep practicing whatever you have learned in the previous two phases. Some of the food items that were earlier eliminated from your food list can be added back but those need to be consumed in moderation. The average amount of recommended calories is 1700 calories per day. But the calorie intake can vary. Exercise and an active life style is highly recommended. 

The Bob Greene Diet also recommends and shares healthy food recipes that easy to make and appeal your taste buds as well.

How does Bob Green’s Diet Plan compare with other diet and fitness plans?

The best thing about Bob Green’s Diet Plan is that it is practical. It can be practiced throughout life. And also that Bob Green’s Diet Plan is not a quick fix which will make you bounce back in the same weight as when you started. Bob Green’s Diet Plan is also not too complicated. It does not starve you to death, or makes you run across the city with weights in hand. It focuses on simple things you and I can practically do like drinking more water, being more active, having a controlled diet etc.

There are web communities, support groups, daily and weekly meal plans, recipes, exercise instructions and much more to motivate you and keep you going.


The diet plan is too generalized. It does not take into consideration the basic gender, height and age variables. For example the recommended calorie consumption of a 30 year man would obviously differ from the recommended calorie consumption of a 50 year old woman.


Bob Green’s Diet Plan helps you by teaching permanent lifestyle changes that help you lead a healthy life throughout. If you keep following the guidelines, you can positively look forward to a healthier life.  

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