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Prohormone Supplements Review, Information, and Guide (part II)

Review of Top Prohormones - 1 AD and 4 AD (2003)

Continuing on with part 2 of our prohormones guide, we're gonna take a look at some specific prohomrone supplements - these are some of the best prohormones on the market right now. If you missed part 1 of our prohormones guide, read it here.

Now, there are lots of prohormone supplements out there. Initially came Androstenedione supplements, which came on the market around mid 1990's, and made famous with the help of Mark Mcguire. Then came Androstenediol and so on. Most of these were developed by a guy named Patrick Arnold, who now runs Ergopharm - which makes some top notch prohormone products. (Especially 1 AD. Read more about 1 AD here)

Let's take a look at some prohormones supplement: (the ones listed here are some of the better prohormones you can get. no point reviewing the stuff that doesn't work. ^__^ )

Ergopharm 1 AD

I would have to say Ergopharm 1 AD is one of the best prohormone supplements you can get right now. It's very new on the market, from what I've seen, not many other prohormones can deliver the kind of results 1 AD does. For what it can do, Ergopharm also comes with a hefty price tag. We have a 2 part in depth review of Ergopharm 1 AD.

Part 1: Ergopharm 1 AD prohormone review
Part 2: Ergopharm 1 AD side effects, benefits, and use

4-Diol Supplements (4 AD)

Next up would be 4-diol prohormones. Not quite as potent as 1 AD, but nonetheless, it's still one of the top prohormones to use. Especially if you're thinking of stacking prohormones, 1 AD and 4-diol makes a very good stack, and is recommended by Pat Arnold himself. AST makes a top notch 4-diol, and we have a review of AST 4-diol-250.

Tribulus Terrestris

I'm not sure if Tribulus would be classified as a prohormone, since it doesn't directly affect your hormones, but I think of it more as a herb, which is what it is. If you're unsure of prohormones, then start off with a tribulus terrestris supplement. Tribulus doesn't directly affect your testosterone, it increases your natural testosterone production by stimulating LH (luteninizing hormone) which in turn stimulates natural testosterone production.

The greatest advantage of Tribulus Terrestris is that it's a natural herb, and not a prohormone - and because it stimulates your natural testosterone production, it doesn't have the side effects like prohormones.

Learn about Tribulus Terrestris here
Tribulus Effects
Click here for Optimum Tribulus Terrestris

Tribex 500 from Biotest

Speaking of Tribulus, Biotest Tribex 500 is probably one of the best tribulus based supplements right now. It work not only because it uses tribulus, but it stacks this with Avena Sativa. Avena Sativa is an oat, which frees up bound testosterone. When you have Tribulus and Avena together, they work synergistically to greater effectiveness. Read the following article for more details.

Biotest Tribes 500 Review