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Ultimate Guide to Stacking BSN Suppelments - Part 1

The following series of articles is a guide to stacking several popular BSN supplements that will shed some insight on their use, stacking and hopefully in the process help our readers achieve some of their goals. These guides stems from my own experience of using various BSN products on numerous occasions either by themselves with other branded supplements, or as a BSN supplement stack.

BSN Supplements Guide

Intro - BSN Nutrition Products
Part 2 - BSN Cell Mass
Part 3 - BSN True Mass
Part 4 - BSN Axis HT
Part 5 - BSN Syntha 6
Part 6 - Conclusion

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There are obvious reasons why I continue to use various BSN supplements - for price and performance considerations. This guide will not cover all BSN products, that is not our purpose here. While not all BSN supplements will be reviewed here, however, we do have reviews on many BSN supplements covered in other articles. This guide will only discuss the supplements used in this stack. They include:

  • BSN Cell Mass
  • BSN True Mass
  • BSN Axis HT
  • BSN Syntha 6

There will also be a brief mention of NO Xplode despite the fact that it was not used as part of this stack, and as well, a mention of BSN Endorush energy drink. I do not quite consider it as part of the stack, partially because its an energy drink that I use quite often, and it's not limited only to this stack.

This guide will be broken down into several parts (this being the intro) - the intro will give a brief overview of all the supplements involved. The following articles will be in depth reviews of each of the supplements used, including a brief mention of NO Xplode and Endorush, we already have detailed reviews of these two supplements on the site. However, I feel the need to include them in this guide as well. The final, concluding article will provide you with an example guide on how and when to take these aforementioned supplements.

Basic Schpeel About Supplements

We've all been there - looking for new supplements, new workout routines, new diet / nutrition plans - hoping to find the next best thing that will catapult our gains through the stratosphere. Well, I'm going to tell you now that there is no such thing, and if anyone claiming they got the magic pill, you can say to them "Oh Schmuck!".

Each time I write one of my guides, I feel the need to address this issue, mainly because the numerous emails I continue to receive (I'm sorry that I can't answer them all), and I find that many readers lack the basic information and common knowledge about fitness, bodybuilding, and supplements in general. I receive emails from readers asking me if drinking protein shakes will give them a belly, or how many protein drinks they should drink a day, or how to take a certain supplement since the instructions on the bottle isn't very clear, and etc... This list goes on.

The unfortunate fact is that not everyone reads these guides, and many probably find them too long and are looking for a quick fix to a long term problem. I've mentioned many times in other articles, supplements, are just that "SUPPLEMENTS", nothing more, nothing less. Do not expect them to be the miracle you've been waiting for, to transform your body - there is no such thing. The only true and tested formula that works is patience, dedication, perseverance, coupled with some basic knowledge and information.

If you do not have a sound nutrition in place, if you do not have the desire to train hard, if you put all your hopes in some miracle pill to do your deeds, you will fail. However, smart use of various supplements combined with a good workout program and sound nutrition will take you far. Supplements will provide the nutritional and performance support they are designed to do. They will allow you to push harder in the gym, to recover faster outside the gym, and to achieve more than you otherwise could with food alone. I know some won't agree with the previous statement, but I'm entitled to my opinion. =) With that out of the way, let's take a look at the BSN supplements used in this stack.

BSN Supplement Stack Overview

I've been an avid user of various BSN products, simply because they're effective - this statement can be backed up by the thousands of reviews we receive on BSN supplements in our user reviews section. BSN nutrition makes some really damn good products, and sells them at reasonable prices. One of their most popular products is probably NO Xplode. One of my favorite BSN products is Endorush. More on that later.

This BSN stack includes 4 BSN supplements: BSN Cell Mass, BSN True Mass, BSN Axis HT, and BSN Syntha 6. However, it should actually be 6 to include NO Xplode and Endorush.

I did not include NO Xplode in this stack - one of the reasons being I'm over budget. While I used Endorush with this stack, I did not include it in the list since I use it quite often - it's one of those things I like having around. God forbid that it's an addiction! No, it's not. One could conceivably become addicted to Endorush if they use it long enough, but I limit my use of endorush, and "cycle" it as I do with any other supplement.

Below, let's take a quick look at what each of these supplements are:

BSN Cell Mass - An esterified creatine supplement that helps with gains in mass, strength, performance, and recovery.

True Mass - A high protein / carbohydrate weight gainer that supplies 630 calories per serving. Excellent source of quality calories to support nutritional needs, and growth.

BSN Axis HT - contains various ingredients to naturally increase testosterone production in the body, and there is some truth to BSN's claim of "Intensifies training aggression and tolerance to pain".

BSN Syntha 6 - a quality night time protein with sustained release formula that feeds your muscles at night time.

NO Xplode - See here.

Endorush - See here.

In the next part, we'll start off with the BSN Cell Mass Review.

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