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What is GABA? What Does it do?

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most important and abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain (it's actually an amino acid classified as a neurotransmitter). It helps induce relaxation and sleep. It acts as a "balancer" for the brain where excitation of the brain is balanced with inhibition.

In addition to it's 'balancing' effects, GABA stimulates the anterior pituitary, leading to higher levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and if you didn't know, HGH is very anabolic (muscle building) and lipotropic (fat preventing). So, GABA indirectly enhances these 2 positive effects. Let's take a quick look at the benefits of Human Growth Hormone:

  • HGH is shown to have anti-aging effects
  • Higher levels of HGH leads to less body fat and also better lean tissue-stored fat ratio
  • HGH level decrease with age, so supplementation is beneficial
  • Helps lose fat and improve lean muscle

GABA Research and Studies

There are many studies done on GABA and GABA effects, and studies have show GABA to promote significant increase in plasma growth hormone levels.

One study (conducted by First Medical Clinic at the University of Milan in Milan) found that 90 minutes after GABA supplementation, HGH levels increased 5 times. This research studied 19 subjects who took GABA compared to 18 placebo subjects, and 5 grams of GABA was administered orally to the GABA group. After 90 minutes HGH levels in the GABA group were found to have increased by 5 fold.

Research shows that at least 2 grams of GABA should be taken for it to be effective. 5g is shown to be more effective, and the effectiveness of GABA is maxed out at 18 grams. There are studies done on GABA where it's administered either orally or intravenously. Taking GABA orally is not as effective as taking it intravenously; however it's more reflective of expected real world results, as most GABA supplements are designed to be taken orally. Despite this, GABA is effective even when taken orally.

GABA Side Effects

There are few if any side effects of GABA. Some users have experienced some mild tingling sensations around the face and neck area after supplementing GABA. Some users also notice a brief and mild change in heart rate or breathing patterns. These GABA side effects quickly disappear and are not harmful. Not everyone experiences these side effects, so you may, or may not experience these GABA side effects.

GABA also has a slightly sedative effect, which makes it ideal to take before going to bed.

You can order GABA online and save yourself a little money: