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Conclusion to BSN Products Guide

This is the final part of our BSN Nutrition supplement guides. To recap, our BSN stack included products such as Cell Mass, True Mass, Axis HT, and Syntha 6. If you missed previous parts, you can use the mini navigation on the right side to read previous articles. You can also read Endorush and NO Xplode reviews, as well as user feedback on BSN products. And if you have used any of these products yourself, feel free to share your review as well. Our user reviews section is large and extensive with many user reviews on all types of supplements.

BSN Nutrition Guide

Intro - BSN Nutrition Products
Part 2 - BSN Cell Mass
Part 3 - BSN True Mass
Part 4 - BSN Axis HT
Part 5 - BSN Syntha 6
Part 6 - Conclusion

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In this final part of the BSN product guide, we'll give a sample schedule of using various supplements. I get asked quite often questions such as "when's the best time to take certain supplements", and that, really depends on the individual. It depends on their daily schedule, based on their work (or school) demands, available time for training, typical daily meal times, etc and etc...

For an "average" person, it might look something like this, assuming a 9 to 5 work schedule:

  • Wake up
  • Have Breakfast (meal #1)
  • Have a snack or a shake in mid morning
  • Lunch (meal #2)
  • Have a mid after snack
  • Hit the gym after work
  • Whey protein shake for post workout
  • Meal #3
  • Another small meal or snack
  • Bed time protein shake

The above is a pretty simplified list of how the meal and snack times might look. It's by no means a comprehensive guide to diet and nutrition. But you can read more about diet and nutrition here.

So how would the BSN supplements fit into a daily schedule? Below is a table showing when I take various supplements, meals and snacks, based on my own time flexibility and work requirements. It will of course be different from others as most people will probably have different work schedule and different lifestyles. But it will serve to give a good example of when to take various things, and you can adjust it accordingly to fit your own schedule.

Time Meal Description Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fat (g)

BSN Axis-HT (1 serving)
BSN Cell Mass (1 serving)

Main Meal #1

xx xx xx






BSN True Mass (2 to 3 scoops) xx xx xx






Main Meal #2 xx xx xx


BSN Axis-HT (1 serving)      




BSN Endorush
(15 to 30mins before workout)
xx xx xx


Workout - start



(around 30 - 45min)



Workout - end



BSN Cell Mass (1 serving) xx xx xx


Whey Protein shake 2 scoops xx xx xx






Main Meal #3 xx xx xx


BSN Axis-HT (1 serving)      








Small Protein Meal xx xx xx








Snack or shake xx xx xx






BSN Syntha 6 (1 - 2 scoops) xx xx xx


  Total (g)
Total (cals)
Total Daily Calories
Percent (%)





The table above gives a good example showing when the various BSN supplements are taken (in bold) and when the meals and snacks are eaten. The snacks generally involve a high protein snack of some sort such as beef jerky, cottage cheese, egg whites, protein bars, MRPs protein shake, weight gainers etc... You can pretty much take anything here according to whatever you prefer.

You will find that the post workout protein shake is not using any of the BSN protein supplements in our stack - any whey protein supplement here will do. You can find some help in our whey protein comparison guide here. I've mentioned this many times, when it comes down to it, supplements are still just supplements. You simply can't rely solely on supplement to get the job done for you. You need to have a good workout program, a good diet and nutrition, and the discipline to carry through with it all. But in the end, the results are all worth it.

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