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ZMA Z Mass PM, Cyclo Zmass

What Is The ZMA Formula?

You may have heard of ZMass pm and Cyclo Z Mass. Both products are based on the ZMA anabolic mineral support formula. ZMA consists of Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and vitamin B-6. It's a natural product that helps increase anabolic hormone levels leading to greater muscle and strength gains.

Through stress and exercises, Zinc and Magnesium are depleted from your body, which can lead to decreased testosterone levels. The ZMA formula supplements your body with good amounts of both Zinc and Magnesium.

Some ZMA Clinical Studies

Take note: don't be fool when you see marketing material claiming "athletes gained 250% more muscle strength than placebo group using ZMA". While this is true findings from a study done by Lorrie Brilla PhD, it's really not as impressive as it sounds. Why? In the studies done on a group of NCAA football players, the ZMA group showed 250% more muscle strength gain than the placebo group, but in actual strength gains, the ZMA group showed 11.6% compared to 4.6% for the placebo group.

This just means the ZMA group got 11.6% stronger overall, which is 250% more than the placebo groups 4.6% gain. Don't be fooled into thinking the ZMA athletes got 250% stronger than the placebo group. ;-) Even so, the extra gains are quite impressive indeed.

Studies have shown ZMA supplements to effectively fight off Zinc and Magnesium loss. Here are some benefits of using ZMA based products:

  • Faster healing and recovery from workouts and injuries
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Increased strength, and endurance
  • Decrease in muscle cramps and pulls
  • Better sleep

ZMass Reviews

Two of the more popular and well know ZMA formula based supplements are Cytodyne's ZMass pm and Cyclo Z Mass. Both ZMA based products have very similar (almost identical) composition. After all, they are both based on the ZMA formula.

The only significant difference is that Cytodyne ZMass pm contains 20-hydroxyecdysone (20-H), and Cyclo Z Mass doesn't. 20-H is a natural occurring phytochemical that studies have found it to help stimulate protein synthesis in cells. It's proven to improve nitrogen retention, and also enhance endurance.

Other than the addition of 20-H in Z Mass PM, there's almost no difference between the two ZMA based supplements.

It's going to cost you around $40 bucks for a bottle of Z Mass pm and around $30 for a bottle of Cyclo Z Mass (at retail prices). But if you buy these ZMA supplements online, you can save $10 bucks on Z Mass PM, and save $6 bucks on Cyclo Z Mass.