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  Popular Supplements

BSN NO Xplode

NO Xplode has long been one of the top selling pre-workout supplements. Read our in-depth review: [Read more...]

Cellucor M5 Review

M5 Extreme is a pre-workout supplement that's designed to give your a massive boost during your workouts. [Read more...]

Gaspari SuperPump

Looking for a pre-workout booster to kick you into high gear? Then check out SuperPump by Gaspari Nutrition. [Read more...]

Animal Pump

Here's one of my personal favorites for a pre-workout booster. Animal Pump is one top notch supplement! [Read more...]


 Creatine Guides

Here's a definitive guide to creatine supplements and use. Everything you need to know about creatine is contained including in-depth information on what creatine is, how it works, and how to use it. Included is a set of comparison guides that compares some of the top rated creatine supplements based on cost effectiveness.

1: What is Creatine & How Does it Work?
2: The Effects & Benefits of Creatine Use
3: Different Types of Creatine - What to Use?
4: Creatine Loading, Cycle, and Use

1: Creatine Supplements Compared: Pure Powders
2: Creatine Supplements Compared: Creatine & Carb Formulas
3: Creatine Supplements Compared: Other Types

Homemade Creatine Delivery Supplement

  Creatine Supplement Reviews

EAS Betagen

Here's an old school supplement that's been around for longer than I can remember! A combination of creatine, glutamine, and HMB. [Read more...]

Kre Alkalyn Creatine

Kre Alkalyn is a pH buffered creatine that remains stable even when mixed with a liquid. [Read more...]

Muscletech Cell Tech

Here's another old timer that's been around for a long time. While it's gone through many updates, the main formula is still creatine with carbs. [Read more...]

SAN V12 Turbo

V12 is a creatine formula designed to increase muscle fullness, vascularity, and enhances workout performance. [Read more...]

VPX NO Shotgun

NO Shotgun is one of the rare few supplements that make verifiable claims which are actually backed up by real scientific studies. [Read more...]

Xyience NOX-CG3

This is a pre-workout booster designed to improve muscle strength and endurance, and reduce muscle soreness. [Read more...]

  Energy Supplements

Accelerade Review

Accelerade by Pacific Health Labs is a very popular energy drink that delivers carb to protein in a precise ratio of 4:1 - scientifically proven to enhance recovery and performance. [Read more...]

BSN Enorush

This is a potent energy booster that's not to be taken lightly, and definitely one of our top rated! [Read more...]

Endurox R4 Review

This has a similar 4:1 formula as accelerade, but the major difference here is that Endurox is designed to be a post-workout recovery drink. [Read more...]

Xyience Xenergy

Xenergy is a sugar free and 0 calorie energy drink that enhances mental focus and increases exercise performance. [Read more...]