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Best Kre Alkalyn Creatine Supplements (3)

In the previous part, we compared creatine and carbohydrate supplements. Strangely enough the same product from EAS came in first and last in terms of price effectiveness. Well, almost the same product - basically the same product packaged differently with one costing half as much. In this third installment, we'll compare Kre Alkalyn supplements and other creatine supplements.

Research has shown that creatine's speed of conversion to creatinine is related to the pH of the liquid used for mixing. The lower the pH, the faster creatine converts to creatinine. It also found that conversion rate to creatinine slows as the pH of the creatine itself is raised above 7. At a pH of 12, creatine stops converting to creatinine. Kre Alkalyn Creatine is a pH buffered creatine with a pH above 12. As a result, it remains stable when mixed with liquid. What significance does this have for bodybuilding? With a buffered pH, the Kre Alkalyn we consume remains completely stable and reaches muscle cells at full strength. Read more about Kre Alkalyn creatine here.

Kre Alkalyn Creatine Supplements

Kre Alkalyn creatine comes in capsules, gel caps, and powder; however, the most popular are capsules. In the table below, we compare a few of the top product.

Creatine (g)
All American Kre-Alkalyn EFX
240 caps
SciFit Kre-Alkalyn 1500
240 caps
SciFit Kre-Alkalyn Gels
180 gels
Ultimate Nutrition Kre-Alkalyn
120 caps

From the table above, Ultimate Nutrition Kre Alkalyn creatine comes out on top with a CPS of $0.23 and a CPGC of $0.154. Scifit's product gels is last with a  CPS of $0.33 and a CPGC of $0.444. This one actually has a higher CPGC than CPS because each serving contains less than 1gram of kre alkalyn creatine (0.75g). The overall ranking is:

  1. Ultimate Nutrition Kre Alkalyn - $0.154 CPGC
  2. All American Kre Alkalyn EFX - $0.167 CPGC
    Scifit Kre Alkalyn 1500 - $0.167 CPGC
  3. Scifit Kre Alkalyn Gel - $0.444 CPGC

Tied for second place is All American Kre Alkalyn and Scifit Kre Alkalyn 1500.

>> Click here for Kre-Alkalyn Creatine

Comparing Other Creatine Supplements

Finally, to wrap up our comparison guide, we include a mix of "other" creatine supplements, mostly a creatine and NO mix supplement. Unlike our previous comparisons, some of these might be a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. We include these simply to compare similar products but they do not neatly fit into the exact same category. So we "loosely" include them here. Many of these also contain their so-called "proprietary" blends, which do not disclose the amount of creatine you get, and also include numerous other key ingredients in their formulas, so we simply base this comparison on cost per serving instead.

AST Anabolic Rush
Axis Labs Smash Fully Loaded
BSN CellMass
BSN NO Xplode
CytoSport Monster Pump
Dymatize Xpand 2X
S.A.N. V-12 Turbo

Looking at the table above, the two BSN supplements comes out on top with the lowest cost per serving. Both BSN Cell Mass and NO Xplode has a CPS of just $0.70 compared to a CPS of $1.33 for Axis Labs Smash Fully Loaded. Based pure on cost per serving, the ranking for these are as follows:

  1. BSN Cell Mass - $0.70 CPS
    BSN NO Xplode - $0.70 CPS
  2. SAN V12 Turbo - $0.72 CPS
  3. Dymatize Xpand 2X - $0.83 CPS
  4. Cytosport Monster Pump - $1.00 CPS
  5. AST Anabolic Rush - $1.05 CPS
  6. Axis Labs Smash Fully Loaded - $1.33 CPS

>> Click here for BSN CellMass
>> Click here for BSN NO Xplode

>> Click here for S.A.N. V-12 Turbo
>> Click here for Dymatize Xpand 2X
>> Click here for CytoSport Monster Pump