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BSN EndoRush Sports Energy Drink Review (part 2)

In part one of our Endorush review, we looked at the active ingredients of Endorush in some detail. In this second part, we will discuss the performance of Endorush in real life.

The technical aspect of Endo Rush sounds good and all in part 1, but what matters most is how well does it perform in real life? Like I said at the start of this review, they couldn't have picked a better name as Endorush - literally meaning a "rush within", and that's exactly what Endorush does and then some. I will illustrate this review with example of my own experience using endorush, and how it affected my workout performance.

If you've used Endorush, feel free to share your review of it here

My Review

Endorush - the first time

Endorush is very much a hardcore energy drink that I've found more potent compared to most other energy drinks I've tried. If Red Bull can be considered an energy drink, then Endorush will lay the smack down on Red Bull like nobody's business. Of course, this isn't really a fair comparison, since Endorush is targeted toward the true, hardcore gym enthusiasts, whereas Red Bull is more of a mass market type of energy drink.

Each bottle of Endo Rush is 16oz, or 473ml, and each bottle contains 4 servings with each serving size being 4oz, or 118ml. I would highly recommend reading the bottle instructions carefully before taking this. You could be asking for trouble drinking an entire bottle in one sitting.

I'm generally quite cautious when it comes to supplements containing stimulants, so I took only one serving (1/4 bottle) my first time right before I went to the gym. At the same time, I'm not a big guy. Within minutes (yes, minutes), I was feeling the effects of the energy drink. My heart started beating faster, and a rush of energy hit me. Although I did not experience much of a pump from Endorush, the massive energy boost gave me this overwhelming desire to start tearing it up in the gym. That feeling is rather difficult to explain... Now, let me describe my second time.

Endorush - the second time

I had no adverse reactions taking endorush the first time, and everything just went great - massive energy, amazing endurance, fantastic workout. So i was ready to try a double serving before my workout - half a bottle. Of course, instead of drinking 1/2 a bottle all at once, I drank 1/4 bottle 30 minutes before my workout, and another 1/4 bottle right before I left the house.

After the first serving of Endorush, I was already full of energy, and fire up, ready to hit the gym. On my drive to the gym (about 10min drive), right after my 2nd serving, I had a much stronger reaction compared to previous day's single serving. As I was driving, I felt like I had massive loads of explosive energy, so much so that it almost got to the point of discomfort if I didn't pump out some reps soon! Luckily I don't live far away from the gym.

Because of this extra serving, I notice a much faster and pounding heart beat compared to previous day's single serving, and also, I felt a little jittery at times At some point during my workout, I had a pounding headache, that left as quick it came - I'm unsure if this has anything to do with the Endorush.

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BSN Endorush - In the Gym

I have phenomenal workouts when I taken Endorush. It's almost like I never run out of energy, and that every set feels like the very first set of the day's routine! The massive energy boost you get from Endorush makes you keep on wanting to tear away at the weights. You will be focused, energetic, and pumped up during your workouts. This is more than I can say for some of the other energy drinks I've tried.

During my workout, I took shorter rest periods in between sets. It almost felt as if the fatigue from the previous set doesn't hit you. It was like this for the 1st set, and it was like this for the last set of my workout. Coincidentally, the first time I tried Endorush landed on a back day and deadlifts was one of my main lifts. I was pulling 365lb (I weight 150 +- 5lbs) for 6 reps and taking short rests, and it almost felt like I wasn't doing much. I felt full of strength and power throughout entire sets. Normally, by the 4th rep of 2nd set, I'd start feeling some fatigue and have a harder time grinding out the last two reps, but on that day, I did 4 sets of 6 without any difficulties. But oh... was I sore the next day! =) I'm almost sorry I worked so hard. j/k

Another effect I notice while on Endorush is lots of sweating. I did not notice much of an increase in pump or vascularity, but I did notice increased sweating. I don't normally sweat excessively, but when I drink Endorush on workout days, I notice that I do some heavy sweating.

The Taste

For an energy drink with 5 calories and less than 1 gram of sugars, I'd have to say Endorush tastes pretty good. Not the best, but decent, with the exception of the lemon lime flavor. Endorush is available in 4 flavors: orange, grape, fruit punch, and lemon lime. I've tried two of the flavors including grape and lemon lime. Let me tell you now, that lemon lime isn't very pleasant.

Endorush Lemon Lime - I'd give this at most a 6 out of 10. For whatever reason, it tasted almost spicy with this really "sharp" taste to it. It also tasted somewhat medicinal, and had this long after taste which I didn't care much for. Needless to say, I did not enjoy it.

Endorush Grape Mix - The grape flavor was a completely different story. It actually tasted good. I'd give it a 8 out of 10. It didn't taste spicy, it didn't have any "medicinal" or "sharp" tastes to it, and it actually tasted like grape flavor!

At first glance, BSN Endorush may seem expensive for a 12 pack, but keep in mind that each bottle contains 4 servings, so you're actually get 48 servings, which works out to less than a buck per serving.

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