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Prohormones - Prohormone Supplements and Prohormones Information General Guide (part I)

What Are Prohormones and Prohormone Supplements? (2003)

Well, there are plenty of information and articles about prohormones on this site, I figured it would be a good idea to just have a section for itself. Besides, prohormones is a huge issue, and alot of people lack a good understanding about them. Especially when prohormone supplements are quite different from the normal protein and creatine supplements, and when people hear words like androstenedione and androstenediol, they have no idea what's the big difference. So here's a guide that will hopefully put things in perspective for you.

In short, prohormones are supplements that are meant to enhance your performance, increase gains, and make your bigger. It does so by increasing your hormones, namely testosterone. But there is a lot more than that. I won't go into detail about this since many other article on this site cover it in much greater detail. So use this guide to navigate your way around, and hopefully you'll gain a better understanding of prohormones and what they do.

Prohormone Basic Information

Not sure about what prohormones are? Here are some guides:

Prohormones Overview - Get a general idea of what prohormones are, learn about what types of prohormones there are, and what makes them different.

Androstenedione vs. Androstenediol - So what's the big difference between -dione and -diol? They're a whole world apart. Read the article to learn more about each, and learn about their conversion rates.

Androstenedione Research - This is a somewhat new Andro research update article we added, read it, and you'll see why andro -dione is the least effective of the bunch.

Andro Side Effects - As with most supplements, you need to be clear about the potential downfalls and side effects - especially for prohormones, since these supplements mess around with your hormones, you wanna make sure you know what you're getting into.

Andro FAQ - Some common questions and answers about prohormones.

DHEA Supplement Information - Learn about DHEA and what it does. Learn why DHEA isn't the ideal supplement to take for gaining muscles and boosting testosterone.

DHEA Side Effects - A detailed overview of some possible side effects of DHEA and also the benefits of using DHEA.

Tribulus Terrestris Information - Understanding what Tribulus Terrestris is, and what it can do for you.

Horny Goat Weed Review - Horny Goat isn't a prohormone of any sort, but I figured I'd included here since it does have testosterone like effects - increasing sexual desire, drive and libido. And its a fantastic name!! ^__^

In any case, that pretty much covers most of the prohormones, and should give you a decent understanding of various prohormones. In part 2 of this article, we're gonna take a look at some of the top prohormone supplements like 1 AD and 4 AD, and we're gonna take a brief look at some specific prohormone supplements like Ergopharm 1AD, AST 4-diol-250, and Andro Stack 850.

You'll also find plenty of information on Tribulus and Tribex 500. ;-)

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