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Andro - Androstenedione and Androstenediol Information

What Is Androstenedione (Andro) - 2002

Androstenedione is the first generation of prohormones to hit the market, and Mark McGuire is almost always associated with Androstenedione after admitting using Andro to enhance his homerun-hitting performance.

If you've read our Prohormones article, you'll know that Androstenedione is just 'one step away' from testosterone - it's missing a hydrogen atom in the 17th position, and when the liver processes Androstenedione, a hydrogen is added to convert it into testosterone. When Andro came out, it replaced DHEA as it's only 1 step away from testosterone, whereas DHEA is first converted to Androstenedione or Androstenediol, and then testosterone (2 steps away).

Androstenedione Study and Details

Andro was first discovered in the 1930's and was not cleared for supplementation until the late 1990's. It's considered a natural supplement since it's found in Scotch pine tree bark. Androstenedione has provided much debated results. Early studies did not find any effect on testosterone levels, however, later studies using higher doses proved Androstenedione does increase testosterone. Read our Androstenedione research update article here.

Being the first generation of prohormones developed, Androstenedione is one of the weaker hormones compared to what's available now. It's also androgenic and can also cause side effects. Read about Andro side effects here. On average, Androstenedione has a conversion rate of about 5.6%, which means of the amount you take in, about 5.6% is converted into testosterone.

Androstenediol Review and Information

Soon after Androstenedione, came Androstenediol, which most agree is one of the best pro hormones. Androstenediol, also referred to as 4-AD, is also a precursor to testosterone. Like -dione, it's also just one step away from testosterone. So what's the diff you ask? Androstenediol lacks a 3-keto functional group with is important in the aromatization process, which just means that -diol can't directly convert to estrogen.

Androstenediol is also more androgenic, meaning has more male characteristic enhancing properties. Of course, this is something all males want, however, the potential for side effects in this area is also greater for -diol than -dione, such as prostate enlargement, and acne.

There are several reasons why Androstenediol is better than Androstenedione.

  • One of which we already said is that Androstenediol can't directly convert to estrogen. Because of this, Androstenediol significantly reduces your risk of excessive estrogen formation.
  • Androstenediol also has a conversion rate of 15.76%, which is almost triple that of Androstenedione, making it the most anabolic (muscle building) prohormone.
  • Androstenediol doesn't directly convert to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which if you didn't know, is the most potent androgen and is associated with baldness.

Between Androstenedione and Androstenediol, you'll probably experience more gains in strength and muscle with Androstenediol, for the very reasons listed above. I hope our series of articles on Andro and prohormones cleared up a lot of the confusing stuff for you.

If you're considering using prohormones, understand as much as you can and also fully understand the side effects of andro (click here). Finally, Ergopharm 1-AD is an optimal choice for prohormones.

Ergopharm 1 AD and AST 4-diol-250 are two popular prohormones.