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Creatine Benefits

What are the Benefit of Creatine?

You should know by now that supplementing creatine will greatly enhance your energy during workouts. The resulting benefits include:

  • More energy during workouts due to ATP regeneration (see this article about Creatine)
  • Enhanced strength during workouts
  • Less dependence on glycolysis - reducing lactic acid (see below)
  • Quick weight gain in just weeks (if you're new to creatine)

The above are the main creatine benefits.

As we discussed in this article, ATP is the main fuel for your muscle contractions, and this is achieved by the ATP releasing a phosphate and becoming an ADP. With extra creatine in your muscles, you regenerate ATP through the creatine release its phosphate which combines with the ADP to form ATP.

This ATP regeneration keeps your body from relying on glycolysis, which is process where lactic acid is built up during your workout. The benefit of this is clear: the reduced lactic acid allows you to workout longer and harder, thus maximizing every muscle's workout, and allows you to gain more muscle, strength and size. Another benefit of creatine supplements is you won't feel tired as easily during workouts.

The immediate benefits of creatine is not hype or fiction. You can gain some decent weight in a short period of time. Not considering what you read in research and articles, I can tell you from personal experience that it works, and it works great - especially if you've never cycled creatine before. The benefit of creatine is worth every penny, if you do it right.

Weight Gain Benefits of Creatine

I'm a hard-gainer. I weighed only 98lbs in grade nine, and looked like a twig (no kidding). I'm not big now either weighing in at only around 140. Up till first year university, I had a tough time putting on more weight at around 130lbs. Then I was introduced to creatine by a friend. The first week, I gained about 3lbs, and in the first month, I gained just over 10lbs, which is modest compared to others, but for a hard-gainer, I was extremely happy.

So the benefits of creatine is immediate, and especially if you're a hardgainer like me. Taken properly with proper workouts, and combined with good supplements, you can gain some good weight as well. One thing to keep in mind though, is that creatine promotes water retention in your body, so that a small portion of the weight you gain will just be from water retention. But the rest is pure muscle, and you'll feel stronger, and look fuller overall. I definitely recommend it considering the benefits.

The are many different types of creatine on the market now, and generally, I still like to go with the simple, plain, original micronized creatines. A few good ones are Dymatize ad Optimum Nutrition - both are quality brands that make good, reliable products.

>> Click here for Micronized Creatine
>> Click here for Optimum Nutrition Creatine
>> Click here for Prolab Creatine

Read about proper creatine use and cycling here.