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  Popular Whey Protein Powders

ON 100% Whey

ON 100 Whey has long been one of the most popular and best selling protein powders, and for a good reason. Find out why here: [Read more...]

Dymatize Elite Whey

Elite Whey is another top notch whey protein supplement. It is very popular due to its great price and exceptional quality. [Read more...]


Cytosport Cyto Gainer

This is one of the top mass gainers on the market with a great protein to carb ratio. It's loaded with quality proteins and not over stuffed with carbs. [Read more...]


Myofusion Review

Gaspari's Myofusion is an amazing tasting protein blend supplement. If you're looking for a quality product, look no further. [Read more...]


 Whey Protein Guides

You come to the right place for in-depth information about protein and whey protein supplements. We have a series of guides that explain in detail everything about what whey protein is, its uses and benefits, and how to go about choosing the best whey protein supplements.

All About Whey Protein
Are There Side Effects of Whey Protein?
How is Whey Protein Made?
The Ultimate Shopper's Guide to Buying Whey Protein
What's So Good About Egg Protein?
The Best Meal Replacements Compared

  Protein Supplement Reviews

Cytosport Muscle Milk

Looking for a great tasting protein shake that's high in fat? Er... right, it is high in fat! But these are beneficial fats. Learn more: [Read more...]

Pro Complex Review

Optimum's Pro Complex is one of our favorite protein blends that delivers a top quality product at reasonable prices. [Read more...]

ON Hydro Whey

Being a pure whey isolate powder, this is not cheap; however, if absolute quality is what you're after, then this is for you. [Read more...]

Syntrax Nectar

Do you ever just want an amazing tasting, fruity protein shake that'll satisfy your cravings? Nectar is just such a protein supplement. [Read more...]

  Meal Replacement Reviews

Isopure MRP Review

Here's a great quality meal replacement with high protein content that will leave you satisfied for a long period of time. [Read more...]

Labrada Lean Body

Hands down, this is probably by far one of the best tasting meal replacements. With a fantastic nutrient profile, you won't be disappointed. [Read more...]

  Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers

Elite Mass Gainer

Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer is another top notch weight gaining supplement that combines great quality and unbeatable value. [Read more...]

Prolab N-Large 3

This has long been one of our favorite weight gainers, and N Large 3 comes with a fantastic nutrition profile. [Read more...]

  Best Protein Bar Reviews

Detour Protein Bar

Tire of chewing on protein bars that taste like old shoes? The Detour protein bar is a great tasting bar that tastes just like a chocolate or candy bar. You won't even know you're eating a high protein bar with 30g of quality proteins. [Read more...]

Tri-O-Plex Bar Review

Chef Jay's Tri O Plex is another fantastic tasting protein bar that we rate highly. It comes with 30g of proteins, and tastes great at the same time. [Read more...]