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Prolab N-Large 3 Review

N-Large 3 Weight Gain Supplement

Prolab's N Large 3 is probably one of the more popular weight gain supplements out there right now, and it's rightfully so for a reason - it works. When combined with good use of creatine, you're almost guaranteed some decent weight gain. Read about creatine here. If you've been looking for a protein supplement that works, try Prolab's N-Large 2. Read on to find out why.

Prolab N-Large 2 Taste Review

Other than protein, what's the 1 other factor everyone cares about? Flavor. And N-large 2 delivers a mouthful of tasty shakes. :) Prolab's N-Large 2 comes in 3 standard flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I'm not a big fan of strawberry, but chocolate and vanilla tastes great. One thing I hate the most about protein mixes is they clump all the time, and I'm forced to use the blender for a smooth texture, and I'm sure many of you have the same problem - we all like to be lazy sometimes. :)

Prolab has done a real nice job with N-Large 2, making it easily mixed even without using a blender. I have to admit, I still get some clumps once awhile, but compared to other protein supplements I've tried, N-Large 2 mixes quite easily.

Inside Prolab's N-Large 2 Protein Supplement

Let's talk about what really matters, the contents. Each serving of N-Large 2 has 52 grams of protein, 89 grams of carbs, and a whopping 620 calories! Now, for an average person, recommended daily calories is 1,800 to 2,000. So, a serving of N-Large 2 fills a third of that need! After you add on the protein and calories from milk, watch out. ;-)

For those who have a tougher time cutting down on body fat, you might want to watch your calories carefully with N-Large 2. 2 servings of these a day will put you at over 1200 calories, and that's not including calories from milk! But for hard gainers like myself, this is almost a godsend. :) For what's contained in N-large 2, it's great for anyone who's trying to pack on weight.

Note: each serving of N-Large is 4 scoops, which is 152 grams, and that's a lot! You might just want to take 1/2 servings at a time.

Other Goodies in Prolab N-Large 2 Protein Supplement

Now, Prolab's N-Large 2 contains a lot of other good stuff other than just proteins. ;-) let's see what they are.

L-Alanine: a non-essential amino acid that's highly concentrated in muscle. Can be broken down into glucose and used for energy. Also stimulates the immune system - it's good for you.

L-Arginine: a non-essential amino acid used by the immune system to regulate thymus gland. It's required in muscle metabolism, and facilitates increase in muscle mass and reducing body fat.

L-Tyrosine: an amino acid that's a precursor to many neurotransmitters related to how you feel. A deficiency results in depression and reduced ability to cope with stress. It help improve endurance, and improves performance under stressful situations.

L-Tryptophan: an essential amino acid that's one of the building blocks of protein. It's an essential precursor to a number of neurotransmitters in the brain.

These are just some of the 'goodies' in Prolab's N-Large 2 protein supplements.

For under $60(USD) for a 10lb bucket, it's definitely worth the investment. If you order N-Large 3 online, you can save yourself a good few dollars. I recommend you purchase N-Large 2 online and save some money.

>> Click here for Prolab N-Large 3