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Designer Whey Protein Review

Designer protein from Next Nutrition is one of the top whey supplements in the market. Designer Whey Protein's reputation for being a top notch whey supplement is well known and respected. So is it really as good as it sounds? Are you getting your money's worth? And what the heck is this "Active Peptide Transport" function that's patented by Next Nutrition? Read on, and let's find out.

Please note: we have an updated review of designer whey protein. We had been approached by Designer Whey, and had received some free samples, and with that, we have written an updated review:

Please see our updated review of Designer Whey here.

First A Taste Test of Designer Whey

I wouldn't go as far as to say that Designer Protein Shakes are the best tasting, but compared to many other whey supplements, they're definitely very tasty. I'd give it a 9 out 10. Designer whey powder comes in 5 flavors: Vanilla Praline, French Vanilla, Chocolate, Natural, and Strawberry. So far, I've tried chocolate and french vanilla, and have to admit that I enjoy the tastes for both.

Another big plus is its ease of mix. You can mix it quite easily without the use of a blender, which can save you a lot of time and hassle. ;-)

Designer Whey Protein Powder - Review of The Specifics

First, let's take a look at what's in a serving: 100 calories, 1.2g fat, 2.8g carbs, and 18g of protein. A standard 2lb bottle of Designer Protein comes with about 40 servings. Nothing special, really. We're really just interested in the so called "patent pending break-through" - Active Peptide Transport. What the heck does it do?

Active Peptide Transport is suppose to open alternative digestive pathways in your body and make protein transport to the muscles faster and more efficient. There are 3 different protein transport systems used for muscle growth:

  1. First system uses free-form amino acids, which is somewhat inefficient as these amino acids compete against each other for absorption
  2. Second system uses short peptide chains of 2-3 linked amino acids - also called Di- and Tri-peptides, and these are absorbed through transcellular pathways.
  3. Third system uses larger peptides, which is unique to Whey protein, but not used for other types of proteins.

So what's these protein transport systems have to do with Designer Whey Protein and Active Peptide Transport? The 2nd and 3rd transport systems uses what's called the paracellular pathway found along the intestine wall, but they're normally closed, prohibiting entry of protein and nutrients.

Designer Whey Protein on the other hand, claims to have developed a formula with specific amounts of key ingredients (AKA Active Peptide Transport) that can help the paracellular pathway to dilate or open, and thus increase the speed which protein is absorbed into your muscles. How's this beneficial? Research shows that most protein synthesis takes place with faster protein absorption, which leads to greater gains in strength and size.

In a relatively large study, sponsored by Designer, involved 85 athletes comparing regular whey protein use vs. Designer whey use. Here are the reported results over a four week period:

  • the designer protein group gained an average 18.8lbs of lean muscle compared to 4.8lb gain of the control group
  • the designer whey group lost average 5.4lbs of fat compared to 2.0lb loss in the control group
  • the designer protein group gained 13.4lb overall compared to 2.8lb gain in the control group

A large part of the extra gains are attributed to Designer Protein's "Active Peptide Transport" as discussed above. All this sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Of course. But you gotta keep one thing in mind - the study above is sponsored by Next Nutrition, and manufacturers tend to be selective about what they report. I'm not saying that the results are false, but rather, know that the results are coming from the manufacturer.

Overall, Designer Whey Protein is a top notch protein supplement, and at over $40 bucks retail for a 2lb bucket, it's pretty pricey. If you shop online for Designer Protein powder, you can save close to $20 bucks. Get the 5lb tub, and you get even more savings. Follow the link below.

>> Click here to order Designer Protein