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Power Bar Protein Plus Bar Review

Power bar makes a line of protein / nutrition bars that are some of the most popular on the market. Their series of bars are geared towards various types of needs, some for energy, others for nutrition, and then there's their protein plus bars made for people who need high amounts of daily protein.

PowerBar Protein Plus Taste Test

I've tried 2 flavors of protein plus bars: peanut butter chocolate, and cookies n cream. Both taste great! They also have other flavors like brownie and vanilla, but I haven't gotten around to trying them yet, but if the 2 I tried are any indication of great taste, I'm sure all the other flavors will taste great as well.

Peanut Butter Power Bar

I really enjoyed this flavor. Overall, I'd give it a 9 out of 10 for its taste. It's a very nice tasting protein bar, and its not overly sweet either. It's got a nice smooth chewy texture, and doesn't stick to the teeth, and its not powdery or dry at all! It tastes just like a regular chocolate bar. ;-)

Cookies n cream

Quite a bit sweeter than the P/B chocolate flavor, the cookies n cream bars were good tasting as well. I give it a 8.5 out of 10 on taste. The big plus on this bar is that its got a very nice, smooth, and moist texture. Its also got a nice chewiness to it, and its quite soft. A little on the sweet side for me, but those of you who like sweet tasting bars, you'll like this protein plus power bar.

See it compared to other power bars here.

Power Bar Protein Plus Ingredients

PowerBar ProteinPlus energy bar is a high-quality, low fat protein bar developed by the athletes at PowerBar. This high protein bar was developed according to the needs of world class athletes and others who want a convenient, great tasting source of high quality protein.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size (bar) 1
Servings Per 12
Calories 290
Total Fat (g) 5
Sat. Fat (g) 3
Cholesterol (mg) 5
Sodium (mg) 105
Total Carbs (g) 38
Dietary Fiber (g) 3
Sugars (g) 23
Proteins (g) 24

Ingredient Details:
PowerBar Trisource™ Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Soy Protein Isolate), Brown Rice Syrup, Chocolatey Coating (Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder, Whey Powder, Nonfat Dry Milk Powder, Lecithin And Natural Vanilla Flavor), Maltitol, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Glycerine, Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Lecithin, Fructose, Oat Fiber, Unsweetened Chocolate, MINERALS: Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Iron (Ferrous Fumarate). See label for more ingredients.

Power Bar protein plus is a mix of 3 types of proteins: whey protein isolate, casein, and soy protein isolate. All 3 are higher quality proteins with the whey and soy being isolates instead of concentrate. For many, when you look at the label and see soy, you'll probably be thinking "gee, soy protein isn't that great for bodybuilding purposes", and you might think twice about buying a protein bar with some soy protein in it. But before you pass judgement on soy and this protein bar, read the article by Will Brink on the many benefits of adding a little soy in to a bodybuilder's daily protein mix.

Of course, soy protein isn't the ideal protein for bodybuilders, but it does have some upside:

  • Soy protein has been found to reduce cholesterol in a wide range of animals species and man
  • Soy can help reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer
  • The phyto estrogens in soy can lower cholesterol and improve heart disease risk without systemic estrogenic effects (ie. gyno)
  • Soy protein has been found to raise thyroid output, meaning more fat burning

Obviously, soy is just a component of the protein source in Power Bar Protein plus. Its other more important proteins (whey isolate and casein), are a great combination. The quality of proteins being used are high quality in their isolate forms, where as most other protein bars use whey protein concentrate as the main protein source. This is a great tasting protein bar with high quality ingredients - at retail, a box of 12 bars will cost about $33, but shop online and you can get it for under $25.

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