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Whey Protein Powder Comparisons - Update (Part 2)

Choosing a Whey Protein Powder

In the previous part of our whey protein powder comparison update, we listed the 4 categories of protein supplements and detailed price information on each product. We discussed the whey protein concentrates category, and in this second part, we will discuss the other 3 categories: whey protein isolates, protein blends, and other proteins.

Obviously, the proteins are broken down into these 4 categories for a good reason - different proteins are used for different purposes, and will have different price points. Whey concentrates and whey isolates are optimal for post workout shakes; however, whey protein isolates cost much more than whey concentrates. You can learn more about the different types of proteins here.

Whey Protein Isolate Powder Comparison

There are 3 items compared in the whey isolates category: Zero carb Isopure, AST VP2, and Prolab whey isolate. If you compare the CPGP of the whey isolates to the whey concentrates, you'll see that they double the cost of the concentrates ranging from $0.0390 to $0.0529 CPGP. See table below:

Category 2: Whey Protein Isolate Powders (3 items)

Whey Protein
Retail Cost Online Price Size (lbs) # of Servings Protein
Zero Carb Isopure $64.95 $40.95 3 21 50 $1.95 $0.0390
AST VP2 Whey Iso. $48.95 $35.95 2 28 24 $1.12 $0.0468
Prolab Whey Isolate $57.95 $38.95 2 32 23 $1.22 $0.0529


Zero carb isopure comes in first place with the lowest CPGP at $0.0390, followed by AST VP2 at $0.0468, with Prolab's Whey Isolate in 3rd with a CPGP of $0.0529.

Here is a good example, of how just looking at the cost per serving (CPS) is not a good measure of price comparison. If we went with the CPS column, Isopure would have been the most expensive coming in at $1.95 per serving, but when you factor in the amount of proteins you get, it actually works out to be the lowest costing.

>> Click here for Zero Carb Isopure

Protein Blends Compared

Next up are the protein blends. These proteins can be taken any time during the day, and taken just before bed time to provide your body with some time released protein through the night. There are 5 protein blends compared here with CPGP ranging from $0.0317 to $0.0509 - their cost falls somewhere in between the whey concentrates and isolates. See table below:

Category 3: Protein Blends (5 items)

Protein Blends Retail Cost Online Price Size (lbs) # of Servings Protein
Syntrax Isomatrix $69.99 $52.95 5 76 22 $0.70 $0.0317
Optimum Pro Complex $89.99 $56.95 4.4 28 54 $2.03 $0.0377
BSN Syntha 6 $43.99 $29.99 2.91 30 23 $1.00 $0.0435
D. Yates Propeptides $41.99 $31.99 2 14 45 $2.29 $0.0508
Pro M3 Protein Blend $52.95 $37.95 2.2 15 50 $2.55 $0.0509

Coming in first is Syntrax Isomatrix, followed by Optimum's Pro Complex, and BSN Syntha 6. In the previous comparison, Pro Complex was in first place with a CPGP of $0.0255. With the price increase, that an increase of almost 48%. The last two spots are taken by Dorian Yates Propeptides, and Pro M3 protein blend.

You can read our review of Pro Complex here, and BSN Syntha 6 here.

>> Click here for Pro Complex

Other Protein Powders

In this final category, there are 4 items including egg protein supplements and soy protein supplements. While it doesn't make much sense to compare egg protein to soy protein, I still lumped them together in this last category to simplify things. See table below:

Category 4: Other Protein Powders (4 items)

Whey Protein Powder Retail Cost Online Price Size (lbs) # of Servings Protein
Now Foods Soy $19.99 $11.99 2 37 21 $0.32 $0.0154
Universal Egg Protein $39.95 $23.95 2 30 20 $0.80 $0.0399
Optimum Egg Protein $48.95 $31.35 2 32 22 $0.97 $0.0439
Genisoy Ultra XT Soy $17.99 $13.95 22 oz 16 14 $0.87 $0.0623

CPS - cost per serving
CPGP - cost per gram of protein

If you look at the CPGP (cost per gram of protein) column in the tables above, you'll see that whey protein concentrates are the least inexpensive, the isolates are the most expensive, and the protein blends falls somewhere in between.

For soy proteins, Now Foods wins by a far margin compared to Genisoy's Ultra XT Soy protein. For egg protein, Optimum nutrition previously was the winner, but after the price increases, Universal Egg Protein wins by a small margin.

>> Click here for now Foods Soy
>> Click here for Universal Egg Protein
>> Click here for Optimum Egg Protein

>> Click here to order Optimum 100 Whey
>> Click here for EAS 100% Whey Protein
>> Click here for Whey Protein supplements