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Best Diet & Weight Loss Meal Replacement Drink Compared (III)

Lite Meal Replacements Buying Guide

In the second part of our meal replacement buying guide, we compared 12 of the best high protein meal replacement drinks including top names such as EAS Myoplex, Labrada Lean Body, Met-Rx, Isopure, AST Ny-Tro-Pro 40, and more. It came out that Optimum's 100% Whey MRP, Champion Nutrition's Ultramet, and Met-Rx meal replacement took the top three spots.


Meal Replacement Guide

Intro - Meal Replacements
Part 2 - High Protein MRPs
Part 3 - Lite Meal Replacements
Part 4 - Low Carb MRPs

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In this third part, we compare 5 Lite meal replacements: EAS Body for Life RTD MRP, EAS Myoplex Lite MRP, Champion Ultramet Lite, EAS Myoplex Lite RTD, and Met-Rx Lite RTD meal replacement.

These 5 meal replacement shakes are considered "Lite Meal Replacement Powders". Generally, meal replacements in this category contain less protein, less carbohydrates, and less fat content. Each serving of meal replacement in this category typically contains less than 200 calories - about 100 calories less compared to the High Protein Meal Replacements. Generally, users who are on a calorie restricted diet will use these lite meal replacements. This category is suited for individuals who seek MRP's with less calories, yet still provide a balanced nutrition content.

Let's see the comparison chart of the 5 lite meal replacements below:

Lite Meal Replacement Powders Cost # of
Fat (g)
EAS Body for Life RTD MRP $6.29 4pk
7 190 $1.57 $0.1048
EAS Myoplex Lite MRP $35.79 20pk
1.5 190 $1.79 $0.0716
Champion Ultra Met Lite $35.95 20pk
1.5 190 $1.80 $0.0620
EAS Myoplex Lite RTD MRP $7.99 4pk
2.5 190 $2.00 $0.0799
Met-Rx Lite RTD MRP $27.95 12can
1 110 $2.33 $0.1109

5 Lite Meal Replacements - EAS Body for Life, Myoplex Lite, Ultramet Lite, Myoplex Lite RTD, and Met-Rx Lite

So, if you're looking for a lite meal replacement for weight loss needs, or to better fit in with your calorie restricted diet, you've come to the right place to help you find a lite meal replacement that's right for you. Because these are "Lite' meal replacements, they will contain less protein, carbs, calories per serving. Generally, lite meal replacements contain at least 100 calories less compared to high protein meal replacements. Their cost per serving is comparable to high protein meal replacements, however, because they contain less protein per serving, their CPGP is higher.

Looking at the comparison chart above, EAS Body For Life ready to drink MRP($1.57) ranks first, EAS Myoplex Lite MRP($1.79) is second, and champion Ultramet Lite($1.80) is third. Myoplex Lite RTD($2.00) comes in fourth, and Met-Rx RTD($2.33) comes in last place. Typically, the ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes will cost you a little extra.

With a clear price comparison in front of you now, it should make your buying decision much easier. Although price is a major factor affecting purchasing decision, but its not the only factor. Compare the protein, carb, and fat content of the lite MRPs and see which will fit your needs the best.

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