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Whey Protein Concentrate Supplements Showdown - (Part 2)

Ok, so from part 1, you got an over view of all 25 protein supplements we compared. Let's take a look here specifically at category 1 supplements - whey protein concentrate. There are 11 supplements in this category.

Even though these whey supplements are whey concentrates, but they really should be called a whey protein blend, since most of them contain some amounts of whey isolate as well. However, I can tell you that the whey protein isolate in these supplements are minimal, as whey isolate costs much more to produce than whey protein concentrate. Which is why even though on the label it'll say something like "contains whey concentrate, whey isolate", but you never see them post exactly how much of each is present... Not surprising to say the least.

How The Whey Protein Supplements Are Compared

It's quit simple really - what do we really care about? Price and quality of course, but probably price slightly over quality. So, like our original comparison, we'll go by price mostly, and of course, I will give my personal opinion of what I think is the best of the bunch.

The 11 whey protein concentrate powders are listed according to CPGP (cost per gram of protein). Why? Simple. Because all protein supplements are made rather differently with different amounts of various ingredients such as carbs, fat, proteins etc... I could easily ranked them by CPS (cost per serving), but this would not show the true value and cost of the protein supplement. Let's take a look:

11 Whey Protein Concentrates Compared - What's The Best Buy?

Whey Protein
Retail Cost Online Price Size (lbs) # of Servings Protein
100 Whey Protein 10lb $79.99 $59.95 10 160 23 $0.37 $0.0163
100 Whey Protein 5lb $39.99 $30.99 5 80 23 $0.39 $0.0168
Econo Whey Protein 5lb $39.99 $27.99 5 80 22 $0.35 $0.0159
EAS MyoPro Whey $39.95 $29.99 5 80 21 $0.37 $0.0179
Prolab Pure Whey $39.95 $29.95 5 71 22 $0.42 $0.0192
HDT 5 + 1 Protein $42.99 $32.99 6 77 21 $0.43 $0.0204
Sportpharma Just Whey $24.95 $16.95 1.64 33 23 $0.51 $0.0223
Designer Protein $41.99 $22.95 2 40 17.5 $0.57 $0.0328
Nitro-Tech 4lb $74.95 $59.95 4 64 20 $0.94 $0.0468
Nitro-Tech 2lb $49.99 $32.95 2 28 20 $1.03 $0.0515
Methoxy-Pro $59.95 $31.95 2 35 23 $1.23 $0.0534
Prolab Ecdyvone Powder $49.99 $37.95 2 28 22 $1.36 $0.0616

Please see updated compairson guide here.

CPS - cost per serving
CPGP - cost per gram of protein

(You can view the entire Excel file with more detailed info on each here.)

No surprise really... exactly the same result as our last comparison. Except this time, we've also included the Optimum 100% Whey 10lb bag as well! And heck, this comes out a winner hands down - it has the cheapest cost per serving and also lowest CPGP! In this comparison, I've also included several very popular whey concentrate powders such as Prolab's Pure Whey and HDT's 5 plus 1 Whey.

In the end, 100% Whey still comes out on top as the winner. And y'know what? 100 whey is also my personal favorite Whey to buy. Of course, I buy other whey supplements as well, but 100 whey from Optimum is 1st on my list, and is what I buy most often - and I only buy the 10lb bags. ;-) It's pricing is fantastic, the taste is delicious, and mixes extremely easy with water or milk - It's the winner hands down. You can read my rant on 100% whey a bit more here.

Coming in a close second is well... 100% whey 5lb. No more needs to be said here.

As far as variety goes, EAS MyoPro Whey is my other top choice for a whey concentrate supplement. It comes in a very close third just behind 100 whey. It's cost is actually slightly lower than that of 100 whey 5lb tub, but in terms of CPGP its slightly higher. Other than that, EAS MyoPro Whey tastes great as well, and mixes very easily in both milk and water.

No more needs to be said about the rest of the crew, you can take a look for yourself and you'll see that nothing beats 100 whey from Optimum Nutrition.

>> Click here to order Optimum 100 Whey
>> Click here for EAS 100% Whey Protein
>> Click here for Whey Protein supplements

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