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Best Protein Bars Review and Guide

Shopper's Report and Comparison Guide

Here's our new, delicious review and article on buying protein bars. Read it, and I think you can save yourself a few bucks! My goal here is to provide you guys with the best and unbiased info, guides, and reviews on bodybuilding supplements.

Being a fitness nut myself, I know how hard it is to make a buying decision in a supplements store, with the sales person recommending all types of supplements to you - it's hard enough with all the different brands. So it's best to do your research ahead of time, and find what product has the best value.

The Best Protein Bars & Discount Nutrition Bars

If you've read our protein comparison guide, you'll know what this article is all about - finding the best protein bars your money can buy! I'll even help you save a few hard earned dollars. Keep in mind though, the basis of these shoppers reports is on price only, setting aside all other factors such as brand, taste, quality, ingredients etc... I think that once you know how each product compare price-wise, you can make your own decision on choosing a protein bar.

Okay, so let's take a look at the line up of the best nutrition bars we're gonna compare. We can't compare all the hundreds of brands out there, so we'll compare 7 of the most popular protein and nutrition bars. Here they are: Pure protein bars, U-Turn, Methoxy-pro bars, Solid protein, Nitro-tech bars, Met-rx bars, and Myoplex Deluxe bars.

Pure protein bars, U Turn, Methoxy Pro, Nitro Tech & More

So, let's see how these compare:

Protein Bars Retail Cost Online Price # of Bars Protein
Carbs (g) CPB CPGP
Pure Protein $34.95 $24.95 12 30 13 $2.08 $0.069
U Turn Bars $42.00 $29.95 12 30 26 $2.50 $0.083
Methoxy-Pro Bars $35.99 $24.95 12 30 12 $2.08 $0.069
Solid Protein $42.00 $26.95 12 30 8 $2.25 $0.075
Nitro-tech Bar $41.88 $32.95 12 35 9 $2.75 $0.078
Met-Rx Bars $31.20 $22.95 12 27 50 $1.75 $0.065
Myoplex Bar $32.95 $22.95 12 24 44 $1.91 $0.080

CPB - cost per bar
CPGP - cost per gram of protein

The Showdown

Okay, lets start with the Cost Per Bar comparison. Met-rx easily wins here at only $1.75 for each bar. Myoplex follows at $1.91, and Pure Protein and Methoxy-pro Bars are tied for 3rd.

However, the CPGP is a much more reflective value on the actual value your get from each bar - it tells you EXACTLY how much you're paying for each gram of protein. After all, that is what you're after right?

So looking at the CPGP, Met-rx bars are still the leader for value, but now, Myoplex Deluxe falls short. Why? Simply because each Myoplex Deluxe Protein bar has only 24 grams of protein. Most others have 30grams. Even though Met-rx has 27 grams of protein - slightly less than others - it's also the cheapest. Methoxy-pro and Pure protein has the 2nd lowest CPGP, and Solid Protein bars comes in 3rd at 7.5cents per gram.

So what's our top 3 pick for the best value? Here they are:

1) Met-rx bars - CPB = $1.75 | CPGP = $0.065
2) Pure protein and Methoxy-pro - CPB = $2.08 | CPGP = $0.069 (tied for 2nd)
3) Solid protein bars - CPB = $2.25 | CPGP = $0.075

Met-rx bars wins this comparison hands down with the lowest CPB and CPGP all around. With this info in your hands, now you can make better informed buying decisions for nutrition bars. Now you know how much each protein bar cost compared to the others, so you can make your decision now either purely based on price, or you can factor the price differences into your buying decision with other factors considered such as brand, your own preferences, etc...

With this in mind, you can even save more money by ordering online. On average, you can expect to save around $10 to $20 bucks, and that's quite a bit.

>> Click here to order Met-rx Bars

With the price differences ranging as high as over $17 bucks, it's a wise choice for you to use the protein bar value comparison above for making your purchases.

>> Click here to order protein bars online and save.

You'll notice in the comparison chart that Met-rx and Myoplex protein bars have way higher carbohydrates than others. This isn't necessarily true. The others just didn't report the amount of carbs in the bar. They write in fine print that glycerine is not a carbohydrate - the FDA considers glycerin a carbohydrate.

Here's a little snippet of some of the fine print on some of the protein bar packages:

"This product contains glycerine which is not a carbohydrate but has 4.32 calories per gram"