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Other Protein Supplements Shown Down - Egg Protein, Soy Protein (Part 5)

Egg Protein and Soy Protein Powders

Other than whey protein, other sources like soy protein and egg protein are also important. Although these are not as popular or widely used as whey protein, each still has it unique benefits. We already got plenty of information on soy protein here, so no need to go in details about it here.

As for egg protein, its one of the "oldest" proteins used in bodybuilding. Egg protein comes from egg whites, which has the highest protein efficiency ration (PER) of 3.9. This even beats out whey protein's PER which is 3.2.

Many bodybuilders drink egg whites, or cook dozen of eggs at a time just to get enough egg protein; however, the high cholesterol content in eggs (especially the yolk) is rather unhealthy. Personally, I used to fry up 4 to 6 eggs every breakfast and throw away 1/2 of the yolks (which really isn't much compared to others). Even with this, I think I was getting much more cholesterol than I should've been taking in... now, I don't eat eggs too often, simply because of cholesterol reasons. Instead, its much easier, and healthier to get egg protein from powder, not to mention the convenience.

Egg protein has a full amino acid profile like whey protein, and is the ideal protein that offers optimal absorption and utilization by the body. Ok, enough about egg protein, and let's take a look at our comparison results in this final category.

Category 3: Egg Protein and Soy Protein Compared

Whey Protein Powder Retail Cost Online Price Size (lbs) # of Servings Protein
EAS Simply Soy $24.99 $19.99 2.91 80 20 $0.67 $0.0333
Optimum Egg Protein $29.95 $23.95 2 32 22 $0.74 $0.0336
Genisoy Soy Protein $13.99 $12.95 16.2 oz 13 25 $1.00 $0.0398
Universal Egg Protein $29.95 $24.95 2 30 20 $0.83 $0.0416
Genisoy Ultra XT Soy $13.99 $12.95 22 oz 16 14 $0.81 $0.0578

CPS - cost per serving
CPGP - cost per gram of protein

(You can view the entire Excel file with more detailed info on each here.)

For soy protein, EAS Simply soy comes out on top with a CPGP of $0.0333, and for Egg protein, Optimum Egg protein comes out on top with a CPGP of 0.0336. Out of the 4 categories I compared, Optimum Nutrition comes out on top for 3 of them!

Not much else needs to be said of the remaining egg and soy protein supplements.

>> Click here to order Optimum Egg Protein online and save

Quick Conclusion of My 25 Protein Supplements Comparison Series

Well, I certainly hope that this comparison series of 25 protein supplements will have helped you make a better buying decision, and if you'd like to share some feedback on some supplements you used, feel free to share them on our user reviews section.

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