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Protein Supplements

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Best Meal Replacement Shakes Compared (I)

Meal Replacements Buying Guide

Ever have trouble deciding on what brand and type of meal replacement shake you should get? Ever wonder which meal replacement is right for you that can be bought at a reasonable price? Ever wish that there was a simple way to make a decision on buying the best meal replacement for you? Well, now there is an easy way!

You know, although I know the supplement market well, but I'm still often faced with the annoying decision making process when purchasing various types of supplements:


Meal Replacement Guide

Intro - Meal Replacements
Part 2 - High Protein MRPs
Part 3 - Lite Meal Replacements
Part 4 - Low Carb MRPs

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"Is brand A better, or does brand B meet my needs, or maybe brand C is cheaper, or heck, should I just go for brand D instead!" You get my point.

Nowadays, there are so many supplement manufacturers on the market, each making all types of supplements, and sometimes, even within their own line of products, they will have several different choices of the same supplement. Choices, choices, choices! It's not a bad thing, really... But when there's too many to choose from, how do you know what's a good deal and what's not? How do you make a choice on deciding which supplement to buy and which not to buy? How do you choose from one brand, size to another?

labrada lean body mrp        eas myoplex deluxe meal replacement           isopure meal replacement Product Buying Guides

Like you, I'm faced with these types of decisions all the time, whenever I need to make a purchase to restock my stash of supplements. I'm faced with the same decision making process you are when it comes to buying different products. Which is the main reason for writing these product buying guides. I use these guides as a quick reference when I need to buy something.

We have two other product buying guides here:

BB4U Meal Replacement Buying Guide - 21 Meal Replacement Powders Compared

If you've read our whey protein and protein bar buying guides (links above), you'll know that we use two key metrics to compare the different brands of supplements:

1. CPS (Cost Per Serving) - The comparison charts are sorted by CPS, going from the lowest cost per serving product down to the highest cost per serving. This is figured out by dividing the total cost of the product by the number of servings it has.

2. CPGP (Cost Per Gram of Protein) - although CPS is a good measure to use to compare the overall cost of various products, CPGP sometimes gives a better, more accurate base unit measure of cost. Different products will contain different amounts of protein per serving, sometimes, you will find that product A with lower CPS will actually end up having a high CPGP than another product B, simply because product B will have higher protein content per serving.

with all things considered, protein is probably one of the most important nutrients that you would consider when buying a nutritional supplement. (This is not to say that other nutrients like carbs, fat content, vitamins and minerals aren't important.)

In the following series of Meal Replacement shake buying guides, we pooled together 21 of the best meal replacement products on the market separated in to 3 main categories:

  • High protein meal replacements
  • Lite meal replacements
  • Low carbohydrate meal replacement powders

There are 12 meal replacement powders compared in the first group categorized as the "High Protein Meal Replacements". These MRPs contain the highest amounts of protein content ranging from 37g per serving up to 53g of protein per serving. These meal replacements are catered to individuals who seek a high protein content in their meal replacements

The next group consist of 5 meal replacement shakes that are considered "Lite Meal Replacement Powders". Generally, meal replacements in this category contain less protein, less carbohydrates, and less fat content. Each serving of meal replacement in this category typically contains less than 200 calories - about 100 calories less compared to the High Protein Meal Replacements. This category is suited for individuals who seek MRP's with less calories, yet still provide a balanced nutrition content.

Finally, the third category consists of the "Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes". There are 4 meal replacements compared here. The protein content in these MRPs range anywhere from 20g up to 42g per serving; however, the key selling point of these meal replacements is their low carb content - these typically range anywhere from 0g carbs to a little over 10g of carbohydrates per serving. Meal replacements in this category are best suited for individuals carefully watching their daily carb intake, or is on a low carb diet.

Below are 3 comparison charts of the categories mentioned above. We will get into some details about each in the up coming articles.

High Protein Meal Replacement Powders Cost # of
Protein (g)
Optimum 100 Whey MRP $58.25 45
4 290 $1.29 $0.0288
Champion Ultramet MRP $34.95 20pk
3 280 $1.75 $0.0426
Met-Rx Meal Replacement $34.99 20pk
2.5 250 $1.75 $0.0473
AST Ny-Tro-Pro 40 MRP $36.95 20pk
1.5 250 $1.85 $0.0426
Labrada Lean Body MRP $36.99 20pk
2 290 $1.85 $0.0411
Dorian yates Pro MR $39.99 20pk
3 250 $1.90 $0.0452
EAS Myoplex MRP $84.95 42pk
2 280 $2.02 $0.0482
Nature's Best Isopure $41.45 20pk
- 300 $2.07 $0.0415
Prolab Lean Mass Complex $42.95 20pk
8 390 $2.15 $0.0537
EAS Myoplex Deluxe MRP $99.95 36pk
4.5 340 $2.78 $0.0524
Muscletech Mesotech MRP $56.99 20pk
4.5 290 $2.85 $0.0633
Eas Myoplex RTD MRP $34.95 12pk
7 310 $2.91 $0.0677


Lite Meal Replacement Powders Cost # of
Fat (g)
EAS Body for Life RTD MRP $6.29 4pk
7 190 $1.57 $0.1048
EAS Myoplex Lite MRP $35.79 20pk
1.5 190 $1.79 $0.0716
Champion Ultra Met Lite $35.95 20pk
1.5 190 $1.80 $0.0620
EAS Myoplex Lite RTD MRP $7.99 4pk
2.5 190 $2.00 $0.0799
Met-Rx Lite RTD MRP $27.95 12can
1 110 $2.33 $0.1109


Low Carbohydrate Meal Replacement Powders Cost # of
Fat (g)
Biochem Ultimate Lo Carb $13.95 15
0 80 $0.93 $0.0465
Labrada Carb Watcher LB $76.95 42pk
1.5 230 $1.83 $0.0436
Myoplex Carb Sense MRP $39.95 20pk
3.5 140 $2.00 $0.0799
Myoplex Carb Sense RTD $8.49 4pk
0.5 150 $2.12 $0.0849


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