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Champion Nutrition HeavyWeight Gainer 900 Review

Picking and Choosing Mass Gainers

There sure is a lot of different weight gainer supplements available on the market. A few that I like personally are N Large 2, Monster Mass, ON Pro Complex Gainer, and Dymatize Elite Mass. I've used a lot of different mass gainers over the years - some have stuck around and some have been discontinued. One of the weight gainers that's stuck around for sometime is Champion Nutrition's Heavy Weight Gainer 900. Other than some packaging changes over the years, the formula itself seems to have stay the same.

While I can't say this is one of the best weight gainer supplements, overall, it's decent offering good amounts of calories with pretty good taste. In terms of price, it's also fairly priced as well, making it cheaper than many other weight gainers on the market. Of course, one thing about it is that it does have relatively high carbohydrate content at slightly over 100g per serving with 35g of protein - about a 3 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein. Typically, I like to go with mass gainers with a carb to protein ratio of under 2. With the higher amount of carbs, this also makes Heavy Weight Gainer 900 more price competitive, simply because carbs cost a lot less than proteins.

Champion Nutrition HeavyWeight Gainer 900 Taste Test

Obviously, taste is one of the first things that comes to mind when trying something new, and I have to say that Heavy Weight Gainer 900 tastes alot better than most other weight gainers - a little shy of N Large 2's fantastic taste, but still very good. Heavy weight gainer 900 comes in the 3 flavors - chocolate, PB Jelly, and vanilla.

However, it is VERY sweet. If you're a sweet type of person, then you should really like it, but if you're like me, you'll want to mix this with more than just 2 scoops of milk or water. The tub recommends mixing 4 scoops of the heavy weight gainer 900 with 2 cups of water or milk. I take 1/2 servings at a time... So, on my first try, I mixed 2 scoops with just 1 cup of soy milk, and oh, was it ever thick, and sweet!

I added another 3/4 cup of milk to thin it out and make it less sweet. So if you don't like extremely sweet stuff, I recommend you mix at least 3 cups of water or milk with 4 scoops of the weight gainer.

On the plus side, unlike most other powders, Champion Nutrition's Heavy Weight Gainer is quite thick, so even if you mix it with just water, it still has a nice thick texture. However, because of this, it tends to clump a little - unlike N large 2, a few shakes, you can get a nicely mixed shake. With Heavy Weight Gainer 900, you need to shake it a bit longer.

Heavy Weight Gainer 900 Ingredients

Serving size - 4 scoops (154g)
Calories - 630 (with water) - 930 (with 2 cups of milk)
Carbohydrate - 101g
Protein 35g

Heavy weight gainer 900 also comes with a host of other nutrients like Vitamin A, C, D, E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and various minerals.

A key ingredient in Heavy Weight Gainer 900 is its carbohydrate blend of maltodextrin and modified food starches - they call this their proprietary Metacarb III. Simply put, maltodexdrin is just simple carbs that allows for fast delivery and uptake into muscle cells. Maltodextrin is an easily digested carbohydrate made from natural corn starch.

So why is this important? Did you know that not only do you need to take in good amounts of whey protein post workout, you also need good amounts of simple carbs? Like maltodextrin and dextrose.

Muscles are torn down, and glycogen stores are depleted during intense workouts, which is why post workout, you need to feed your muscles with what it needs - both protein and carbs - not just protein alone. Studies show that carbs are stored as glycogen 125% more efficiently directly after working out than any other time during the day. This is also when protein synthesis is also increased.

Put it this way, whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein, taken by itself, more of it gets burnt for energy than used for protein synthesis, now if you take this with a carb with a high glycemic index (fast absorbing), the whey is put to better use for protein synthesis, and the carbs are used to replenish glycogen stores.

For my post workout shakes, I generally take 2 scoops of a weight gainer like N Large 2 or Heavy Weight Gainer 900 in this case, and throw in a scoop of either 100 Whey or Designer Whey. This works out to approx. 50g of protein and 60g of carbs. I take my carbs to protein ratio roughly 1 to 1 for a post workout shake, but I've seen others recommend ratios like 2 to 1 or even as high as 4 to 1 (carb to protein) ratio.

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