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Best Meal Replacement Powder Compared (II)

High Protein Meal Replacements Buying Guide

In part 1 of our meal replacement buying guide, we talked about the two key metrics used in comparing the 21 meal replacements we had picked. These two measures were Cost Per Serving (CPS) and Cost Per Gram of Protein (CPGP). We also mentioned that these 21 meal replacements are separated into three main categories: 1) High protein meal replacements, 2) Lite meal replacements, and 3) Low carb MRPs. In this article (part 2), we will compare the 12 high protein meal replacements in the first cartegory.


Meal Replacement Guide

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There are 12 meal replacement powders compared in the first group categorized as the "High Protein Meal Replacements". These MRPs contain the highest amounts of protein content ranging from 37g per serving up to 53g of protein per serving. These meal replacements are catered to individuals who seek a high protein content in their meal replacements.

Lets take a quick look at the comparison chart below:

High Protein Meal Replacement Powders Cost # of
Protein (g)
Optimum 100 Whey MRP $58.25 45
4 290 $1.29 $0.0288
Champion Ultramet MRP $34.95 20pk
3 280 $1.75 $0.0426
Met-Rx Meal Replacement $34.99 20pk
2.5 250 $1.75 $0.0473
AST Ny-Tro-Pro 40 MRP $36.95 20pk
1.5 250 $1.85 $0.0426
Labrada Lean Body MRP $36.99 20pk
2 290 $1.85 $0.0411
Dorian yates Pro MR $39.99 20pk
3 250 $1.90 $0.0452
EAS Myoplex MRP $84.95 42pk
2 280 $2.02 $0.0482
Nature's Best Isopure $41.45 20pk
- 300 $2.07 $0.0415
Prolab Lean Mass Complex $42.95 20pk
8 390 $2.15 $0.0537
EAS Myoplex Deluxe MRP $99.95 36pk
4.5 340 $2.78 $0.0524
Muscletech Mesotech MRP $56.99 20pk
4.5 290 $2.85 $0.0633
Eas Myoplex RTD MRP $34.95 12pk
7 310 $2.91 $0.0677

As you can see from above, EAS Myoplex Deluxe has the highest amount of protein at 53g per serving, and Met-Rx meal replacement drink has the lowest amount of protein at 37g per serving; however, simply looking at protein content can be deceiving. If you look at the CPS and CPGP, Met Rx MRP actually ranks 3rd, where as EAS Myoplex Deluxe ranks 3rd last.

The rest of the spots in between are filled with the 10 remaining meal replacement drinks.

labrada lean body mrp        eas myoplex deluxe meal replacement       met rx meal replacement       isopure meal replacement

Best Value Meal Replacement Powder

The cost per serving of these 12 high protein meal replacements range from Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey MRP ($1.29CPS), all the way up to EAS Myoplex RTD (ready to drink) MRP at $2.91CPS. Both of these should come as no surprise to anyone, as Optimum Nutrition is well know for their moderately priced products, and EAS is, well... EAS. Their myoplex line of meal replacements is priced with a slight premium compared to most other meal replacements on the market. As well, you can expect to pay an extra premium for the convenience ready-to-drink Myoplex MRP packs provide.

So, which meal replacement gives you the biggest bang for the buck? Looking at the chart, it comes as no surprise that Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey MRP tops the chart with the lowest cost per serving ($1.29) and CPGP ($0.0288). Optimum Nutrition is well known for their product quality and their "won't-break-your-wallet" pricing.

Coming in a not-so-close second is Champion Nutrition Ultramet with $1.75 CPS and $0.0426 CPGP - costs an extra $0.46 per serving. In a close 3rd place is the Met-Rx meal replacement. It has the same $1.75 CPS, but because each serving of Met-Rx contain slightly less protein, it's CPGP is slightly higher.

In the middle of the pack are: AST Ny-Tro-Pro 40 ($1.85CPS), Labrada Lean Body MRP ($1.85CPS), Dorian Yates PRO MR ($1.90), EAS Myoplex ($2.02), Isopure MRP ($2.07), and Prolab Lean Mass Complex ($2.15CPS).

In last 3 places... drum roll... EAS Myoplex Deluxe ($2.78CPS), Muscletech Mesotech MRP ($2.85), and EAS Myoplex RTD MRP ($2.91). EAS Myoplex Deluxe and Myoplex RTD meal replacements charge a premium for their extra high protein content (53g), and convenience of use respectively. As for muscletech, they pretty much charge a premium for everything they sell.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a meal replacement, or any supplement, price isn't the "only" deciding factor. Users buy various products for different reasons - be it personal preference, quality over quantity, public image of manufacturer, taste, texture, product contents, or any other reason you might think of. The meal replacement comparison guide we provide are merely a way of objectively comparing the various meal replacements on the market, based only on cost and product value - not taking into consideration many of the reasons just mentioned. So please keep that in mind.

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