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Met Rx Meal Replacement

Met Rx Original Vanilla

Met-Rx Original Vanilla is An Instant Classic. Met Rx is still alive and kicking. In fact, for all intents and purposes, this great beverage may still be in its prime. "What do Babe Ruth, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, Humphrey Bogart, and Met-Rx Original Vanilla all have in common?

They’re all instant classics, courageous groundbreakers that set a standard of excellence within their prospective fields for all the rest to follow. Valued treasures in their eras, they were all at one time universally hailed for their unprecedented grace and originality, as millions continue to still talk about them today.

Yet, take a closer look at the aforementioned list and you’ll see that one entry doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of this elite crowd.

Yes, only Met-Rx is still alive and kicking. In fact, for all intents and purposes, this great beverage may still be in its prime.

A few years back, Met Rx Original Vanilla was a lot like the Rubix Cube of twenty years ago, a nifty and intriguing new commodity that others just couldn’t help tinkering with. But unlike the plastic toy, the delicious health drink, rich in both vitamins and nutrients, is still twirling around in our cabinets and juice bars.

Met Rx is a modest product in its own sense, an invaluable asset to your daily vitamin consumption, while straying from the bold, outlandish promises that you’ll find on the labels of competitive products.

No “you’ll pack on 20 pounds of muscle in two weeks!” No “you’ll lose 60 pounds of bodyfat in a month!”

Met Rx serves up no silly promises, no gimmicks, no exaggerations and no BS.

And that’s no kidding.

Instead, it’s an honest, simple approach to maintaining a sound nutritional fitness, providing you with 37 grams of the high-quality Metamyosyn protein and high levels of glutamine within each packet, a great way to feed your muscle-building intentions and power your system before a rigorous workout.

Met Rx Protein Shake

Also, Met Rx is low in both fat and sugar, therefore eliciting the response that all bodybuilders are yearning for: lose the fat, keep the muscle.

Met-Rx is not only the best-seller among protein drinks in the country (just look at all the pro athletes who endorse it – Troy Aikman, Oscar De La Hoya, etc.), it’s also a serious athlete’s best friend, a heavy dose of energy to load up on before the big game.

The recommendation here is to mix your Original Vanilla with pineapple juice, but certainly, there are various other juices – like orange juice or fruit juice – which will make for a tasty mix.

And that leads to another of Met-Rx fine benefits: the taste.

For many fitness trainers, drinking their protein drinks is a lot like that shot of whisky. Hoping the experience is quick and painless, they can’t wait for it to go down the hatch.

Not only does Met-Rx actually place emphasis on the taste, it flourishes in it. The proof is in its booming receipts.

If Original Vanilla doesn’t quite cut it for you, try Extreme Chocolate, White Chocolate Mocha, Peach, Berry Blast, Apple Pie, or Chocolate Peanut Butter.

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