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Cytosport Muscle Milk Light Review

Muscle Milk Lite & Ready to Drink Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk Light is a very popular protein powder made by Cytosport. There is also a "regular" non-light version, and we have a review of it here. The biggest difference between regular Muscle Milk (MM) and the Lite version is that the Light Muscle Milk contains quite a bit less calories - about a third less calories, and most of this comes from having less fat and less carbohydrates. Each serving of this light version still offers a robust 25g of proteins.

As it contains less fats and carbohydrates, Muscle Milk light is made mainly for individuals who want to maximize lean mass gains while minimizing fat gains with weight management in mind. This is not to say that MM Light is best made for someone who wants to lose weight. It is made for someone who still wants quality proteins and the great taste of regular Musclemilk, but with reduced amounts of fat and carbohydrate content. I've always been a happy customer with the regular MM protein shakes, and it's not until when my wife - who happens to really like Musclemilk as well - wanted to try to light version. So I ordered the chocolate and banana cream flavors for her, and she really enjoyed it. Of course, I had to test it out as well, and I'm happy to say that both flavors tastes great!

In our Muscle Milk Light review here, we'll quickly compare the main differences between the original version and the lite version, and also give my thoughts on the Light Muscle Milk ready to drink version as well.

Muscle Milk Light Nutrition Facts and Calories

To compare the original version and the lite version, we'll list their main nutrition facts side by side below:

                                       Muscle Milk             Muscle Milk Light

Serving size                       70g                               50g
Calories                             310                               210
Total fat                               12g                               6g
Carbohydrates                  19g                                12g
Protein                                32g                                25g

As you can see from above, there's about a 20g difference in their serving sizes, and the Light version contains 100 calories less. This reduction in calories comes from having 6g less fats, 7g less carbs, and 7g less proteins. Both versions contain a very similar, if not the same, profile of various vitamins and minerals as well. The protein blend of both are the same containing calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate and concentrate, whey protein isolate and concentrate, and whey peptides.

While the Light Muscle Milk contains less fats (at 6g), the fat sources are mostly from good sources including sunflower oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Sunflower oil has various cardiovascular benefits, while MCTs are good sources of energy that is relatively easy to metabolize. Some studies have also found MCTs to help with the process of burning excess calories, promote fat oxidation, and help with weight loss. So Muscle Milk contains some good sources of fats. For example, one study with 78 healthy men and women were treated to 12 weeks of MCT or LCT (long chain triacylglycerols). The study found that the MCT group had significantly greater decrease in body weight, and also had much greater decrease in the area of subcutaneous fat. The study concluded that MCTs may help reduce body weight and fat. [1]

Muscle Milk Light Ready to Drink (RTD) Review & Nutrition Facts

Below is a quick list of the ready to drink version of MM lite nutrition facts.

Serving size 14 oz
Calories 170
Fat 5g
Carbohydrates 9g
Protein 20g

The biggest difference between the RTD and the powder version is probably the cost differences. Of course, the ready-to-drink version is very convenient. However, if you do a quick comparison of the cost, you'll find that the RTDs cost a whole lot more! The Musclemilk Light powder cost works out to about $1.62 per serving ($0.064 per gram of protein). Compare that to the RTD cost per serving of about $2.92, and a cost per gram of protein at a hefty $0.146! The ready to drink costs more than double on a protein-to-protein comparison basis! While the taste is also excellent, and it is very, very convenient (and you can pre-chill in a fridge), the cost difference is far too high to justify buying the RTD - at least for us.

With that said, we've stuck with Muscle Milk Light powder instead. I'd much rather carry a shaker cup containing some powder, than to spend more than twice the amount of money. Overall, Muscle Milk is a top notch protein supplement, and the light version is every bit as good as the original - except it's a bit leaner. The taste is fantastic as well. As mentioned earlier, the two flavors we got were chocolate and banana cream, and we thought that both flavors are delicious. I do suggest using milk, as it will make it taste even better. Follow the links below to buy Muscle Milk light at great prices.

>> Click here for Muscle Milk Light

>> Click here for MuscleMilk Original


1. J Nutr. 2001 Nov;131(11):2853-9.
Dietary medium-chain triacylglycerols suppress accumulation of body fat in a double-blind, controlled trial in healthy men and women.
Tsuji H, Kasai M, Takeuchi H, Nakamura M, Okazaki M, Kondo K.


Oct, 2011