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Pinnacle Juiced Protein Review

Awhile back, I picked up a 2lb tub of Pinnacle's Juiced Protein with MyoZap, which is supposed to neutralize myostatin in your body, which is a negative regulator of muscle growth.  Theoretically, if you neutralized the myostatin, you should experience alot more muscle gains. Or at least that's what all the marketing and hype would have you believe.

I was skeptical to begin with, but figured I'd give it benefit of the doubt, shell out about $40bucks, and see how it really works. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

Myostatin and MyoZap

So, exactly what is Myostatin and MyoZap?

Myostatin, a member of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily, is a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth.1 Meaning that it limits the size and level of skeletal muscle growth. So it's obvious that anything that can neutralize the myostatin in our bodies, we will likely achieve more muscle growth.

In fact, various studies have found this to be true. Where neutralizing the myostatin lead to greater growth of skeletal muscles.

Study involving bovine
Study of myostatin on chicken muscle development

There are numerous studies of this type involving various type of animals such as rats, chickens, and cows, showing the negative regulating effects of myostatin on muscle growth.

MyoZap - is Pinnacle's coined word for "cystoseira canariensis marine algae", yeah that's a mouth full.  I suppose it makes alot more sense for their marketing dept. to use MyoZap, instead of "cystoseira canariensis marine algae" in all their advertising.

Anyway, there are a few studies that have found that a compound in this Cystoseira marine algae, called "sulfated polysaccharides" binds to and regulates the bioactivity of myostatin.2 Wow, doesn't that sound great? Something to bind to myostatin, so you and I can grow more muscle...


Pinnacle's Juiced Protein and MyoZap is based on nothing other than speculation that MyoZap will neutralize myostatin in human users, and lead to increased muscle growth. I looked high and low, and found nothing, zilch, nada, on the effectiveness of MyoZap in humans.

So MyoZap? I think they really should just name it "Wallet-Zap".

My Experience With Pinnacle Juiced Protein

When I picked up my 2lb tub, I figured I'd give it a shot anyways. And to keep things simple, I took nothing other than Juiced Protein, one serving after each workout. No creatine, no glutamine, or anything else. My diet, and workout stayed the same.

This is a rather un-scientific way to measure it, but heck, I'm no scientist.

After my 3 weeks of Juiced Protein, I had gained 0 (Zero) pounds. What a surprise... actually, not really. Sure, 3 weeks isn't a long enough period of time perhaps, but really, i'm not gonna shell out another $40 for another 3 weeks.

Pinnacle Juiced Protein Taste and Smell Review

Smell review? Most protein powders I've used have an actual neutral, or pleasant smell, but when I took my first sniff of juiced protein, I just about threw up. Its got this really strange, stinky smell to it.

Btw, I bought the chocolate flavor.

How about taste? I can't say if I've tasted a protein worse tasting than juiced protein, and I'm not exaggerating either. My GF will attest to that as well. It mixed rather easily, but just the smell of it made me want to pour it down the drain... maybe I shouldn't be bashing juiced protein so badly? But then, I'm just stating my experience with it. ;-)

First sip - that was just nasty. I supposed I didn't use enough water, it was very, very thick, although the powder looks dissolved, it really didn't taste that way. It kinda felt like I was drinking mud or something. In any case, it was horrendous. I wouldn't give it more than 1 out of 10.

Each serving has 20g of protein, 100 calories, 2g carbs, and 200mg of Wallet-Zap... oh wait, I meant MyoZap.

In any case, if your considering using Juiced protein, I'd think twice, and spend your money on something that works, tastes good, with great pricing. Something like Optimum's 100 Whey just can't be beat, or if you have a few extra bucks to spare, go for a higher quality whey like AST VP2 Isolate protein.

Either way, I would not recommend Juiced protein.

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1. Anim Genet. 2003 Dec;34(6):438-44. Potts JK, Echternkamp SE, Smith TP, Reecy JM. Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011, USA.

2. Acta Physiol Pharmacol Bulg. 2003;27(2-3):101-6. Ramazanov Z, Jimenez del Rio M, Ziegenfuss T. The Technological Institute, Las Palmas, Spain.