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  Popular Workout Supplements

Universal Animal Pak

Who would've ever thought that multi-vitamins would play such an important role in a bodybuilder's nutrition! If you're not using Animal Pak, you're missing out. [Read more...]


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your muscles, and it plays a key role in protein metabolism. [Read more...]
[About Side Effects Here...]

White Flood Review

Controlled Labs White Flood is a fantastic workout booster that combines citrulline, beta alanine, and a handful of other ingredients to increase workout intensity. [Read more...]



Jack3d is a very concentrated pre-workout booster that doesn't contain any fillers. It is designed to greatly boost your workout intensity. [Read more...]

  Workout and Pre-Workout Boosters

BullNOX Androrush

This is a "loaded" pre-workout booster that's literally loaded with different ingredients. It helps to increase strength and endurance. [Read more...]

Muscletech Gakic

Gakic has a relatively simple formula that's designed to increase workout strength and workout intensity. [Read more...]

BSN Nitrix Review

Nitrix is designed to enhance muscle fullness and to increase vascularity and workout pumps. It also helps to improve workout performance. [Read more...]

Homemade Workout Supplements Guide

There are a lot of different workout and pre-workout supplements out there, but have you ever considered making some of your own homemade supplements?

We have a 3 part series that explores this idea of making your own workout supplement by buying individual ingredients that will save you a bundle.

>> Homemade Supplements Guide

  BSN Supplements Roundup

Cell Mass Review

Cell Mass works to greatly enhance post workout recovery, and also increases muscle strength and endurance during workouts. [Read more...]

True Mass Reviews

BSN True Mass is a quality weight gainer with a nice carb to protein ratio, and each serving contains over 600 quality calories. [Read more...]


This is a testosterone booster that contains natural ingredients to enhance your body's production of testosterone. [Read more...]

BSN Syntha-6

Syntha 6 is a premium protein blend supplement. It delivers a balance nutrition profile along with refined taste that won't leave you disappointed. [Read more...]

  Testosterone Booster & Other Supplement Reviews

Isatori IsaTest Review

Isatest stimulates your testosterone production and also increases your levels of free testosterone. [Read more...]

Orange Triad Multi's

When it comes to multi-vitamins for my nutritional needs, I stick with 2 products: 1) Animal Pak, and 2) Orange Triad.
[Read more...]

Nutrex T-UP Black

Unlike most other test boosters, this is one simple formula that flat out works. Two thumbs up for T UP Black. [Read more...]

Nutrex Vitrix

Vitrix, also made by Nutrex, is more of a "traditional" test booster that includes standard ingredients such as tribulus, avena sativa, and long jack. [Read more...]

MHP T-Bomb

T-Bomb contains quite a few different active ingredients, all of which work together to enhance your body's natural production of testosterone. [Read more...]