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Turbo Boost Your Workouts With White Flood

White Flood by Controlled Labs is a pre workout supplement that was designed to be fast acting to help increase endurance, energy, pumps, and strength for your workouts. It is also a carb free supplement containing zero calories. One of the major draws of White Flood is its cost effectiveness, and when you compare its cost per serving to similar products in the market, you'll see that it offers very good value for what you are paying, and I think this is a big factor many people put to consideration when choosing supplements. You can get 100 servings of this stuff for just a tad over $40, which works out to just $0.40 per serving. This was a definite big plus for me.

Value and cost effectiveness is definitely something I consider seriously when deciding on what supplements to use. After all, we all want to stretch our hard earning dollars as much as we can. While I'll try most supplements at least once, whether I use those supplements again depends largely on its effectiveness, and its cost and value. And Controlled Labs White Flood is one of those supplements that I like to use time after time, simply because it gives great value, and it is an effective pre-workout supplement.

Below is a list of White Flood ingredients:

1 Serving Sample (Powder)
Serving Size1Packet
Servings Per Container1
Amount Per Serving % DV*
Calories 0
Calories From Fat 0
Calcium(as Calcium Silicate) 113mg 11%
Potassium(as Gluconate) 18mg 1%
Folate(as Folic Acid) 125mcg 31%
Selenium(as Selenium Amino Acid Chelate) 50mcg 71%
ENO Flood Complex™ 1,500mg †
Arginine AKG (1100 Mg), Ornithine AKG (400mg)
FlooDurance Complex™ 1,200mg †
Beta Alanine (850 Mg), L-Tyrosine (350 Mg)
Energy & Antioxidant Flood Complex 1,913mg †
Inosine, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Glucuronolactone, Natural Caffeine, Potassium Gluconate, Cocoa Bean (Extracted For 99% Theobromine), Evodia Rutaecarpa (95% Evodiamine Extract), L-Norvaline, Sugar Cane (Extracted For 60% Octacosanol), Coenzyme Q10, Vinpocetine, Alpha-Carotene, Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin, Lutein, Folic Acid, Selenium, Huperzia Serrata (Extracted For 99% Huperzine A)

White Flood Controlled Labs Review

If you look at the ingredient list of White Flood above, you'll see that it contains 0 carbs and 0 calories. Some of the key ingredients of this supplement include Arginine AKG, Beta Alanine, GABA, and Glucuronolactone. Arginine is beneficial for the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), which works to dilate the arteries leading to increase blood flow. Because of this, AAKG is widely used in bodybuilding supplements to support NO production and also to help increase the "pumped" feeling during workouts.

Beta Alanine is something that I like to use often in my own supplement stacks for its amazing effects of reducing muscle fatigue, which allows for superb recovery times during your workout sessions. Beta alanine in White Flood helps boost carnosine levels in your body. There are high concentrations of carnosine in the human skeletal muscle, and increasing carnosine levels helps delay the onset of fatigue. There are many studies that have been done on Beta Alanine which have repeatedly highlighted its fatigue reducing benefits. For example, one study looked at how a 4 week supplementation program with Beta Alanine affected carnosine levels in the calf muscle and how it affected exercise performance in 400 meter sprints in 15 well trained and competitive athletes. 4.8 grams of beta alanine or a placebo were given. The researchers found that Beta Alanine supplementation increased the carnosine content in soleus and gastrocnemius (calf) muscles by 47% and 37% respectively. They also found that dynamic knee extension torque during 4th and 5th bouts were significantly improved. They concluded that Beta Alanine was effective at increasing muscle carnosine levels, and this significantly attenuated fatigue in repeated bouts of exhaustive dynamic contractions. [1]

GABA is also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is one of the most important and abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. It acts as a balancer for the brain, and it is also responsible for the regulation of muscle tone. GABA is also found to help increase the amount of human growth hormone.

Glucuronolactone is a widely used ingredient in various energy drinks. It is a naturally occurring compound that is generally regarded as safe by the European Food Safety Authority. It helps to improve focus, concentration, reduce fatigue, and increased energy and endurance.

My Review of Controlled Labs White Flood

For a supplement that delivers great value, White Flood also delivers very good results. First of all, the taste is nothing to boast about. Depending largely on personal preference, you may or may not like the flavors. It comes in three flavors including Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Raspberry. I've tried all three and my comment is that the taste is bearable. The lemonade was probably the best out of the three flavors I tried. All 3 flavors mixes and blends easily with water. Give it a little stir, and it's good to go.

While I know that arginine helps increase NO production and improve pumps, I seem to not have much luck with most arginine supplements. So it was not surprising for me that I noticed just minor increases in my workout pumps. Nothing earth shattering here. However, what was extremely noticeable and fantastic was the focus, energy, endurance, and greatly reduced recovery times I experienced during my workouts. While taking White Flood, I never felt lethargic, and always focused on the task at hand. The energy and endurance increases were noticeable, and I almost never felt tired. The Beta Alanine is one fantastic ingredient for this purpose.

With White Flood, my recovery times were dramatically shorter during my workouts. Typically, I'll rest around 1 to 1.5 minutes, sometimes 2 minutes with really heavy sets. But with this supplement, my rest time between sets were cut down to around 1 minute or less. After completing each set, I just didn't feel tired, and was very focused and eager to get on with the next set.

White Flood Side Effects

Generally, most people shouldn't experience much side effects with White Flood. Personally, I never had any problems with taking White Flood, but everyone is different. The only side effect of White Flood is skin flushing and tingling sensation. However, this is really just because of the Beta Alanine. Studies have found that doses of over 800mg of Beta Alanine can lead to this skin flushing and tingling sensation. White Flood contains 850mg of Beta Alanine, so it's not surprising that I experience skin tingling sensations on the back of my hands, forearms, and forehead. But this is not bothersome at all. I've taken much higher doses of Beta Alanine, and with higher doses, this tingling sensation can get a little uncomfortable. Other than that, I had no other side effects from using White Flood.

For an effective supplement that offers such great value, Controlled Labs White Flood is something that I've used many times. If you're looking for an effective pre workout supplement, then give White Flood a try. You can get 100 servings for around $40.

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1. J Appl Physiol. 2007 Nov;103(5):1736-43. Epub 2007 Aug 9.
beta-Alanine supplementation augments muscle carnosine content and attenuates fatigue during repeated isokinetic contraction bouts in trained sprinters.
Derave W, Ozdemir MS, Harris RC, Pottier A, Reyngoudt H, Koppo K, Wise JA, Achten E.