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Creatine and D-Ribose Energy Stack

Ribose and Creatine Combo

First there was Creatine, which delivers incredible results when used properly combined with good workouts and good supplementation. Then came Ribose, almost like a sister of creatine, providing abundant amounts of energy, and also delivering fantastic weight gain results for many. Then, somebody has the bright idea of stacking Creatine and Ribose, and the results as experienced by many has been terrific. Read about Ribose information and Ribose review here.

Although still not 'main stream', the Creatine and Ribose combo is gaining popularity with many athletes - simply for the potential amounts of energy this stack can generate. Let's take a look at how.

Stacking Creatine and Ribose

If you're familiar with Creatine, you'll know that Creatine increases the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in your body, which provides energy for short and powerful bursts of movement. ATP becomes ADP (adenosine diphosphate) by releasing a phosphate, and this creates the energy used by your muscles. This lasts for about 10 seconds, after which more ATP is needed. This is where Creatine comes in.

Creatine phosphate gives its phosphate to the ADP which then creates another ATP - kind of like recycling ADPs in a sense. I won't go into details about Creatine here. Read about Creatine Monohydrate in this article.

D-Ribose on the other hand, also increases the ATP in your body, but in different ways than Creatine. Where Creatine help replace the lost Phosphate to recreate the ATP, Ribose is an actual building block of ATP. In an ATP, there's a base called adenine, a ribose, and a phosphate chain. Without Ribose, you can't make ATP at all.

During intense exercise, your ATP pools decrease dramatically, and it can take up to 4 days for you body to rebuild the ATP reserves for peak performance. Your body can't make Ribose quick enough to meet your energy demands, and this is exactly why you need to supplement Ribose.

See some ribose studies highlighted here.

So Why Stack Creatine and Ribose?

If it's not already clear why, let's clear up that last piece of question mark. ;-) Creatine and Ribose both supplement you with loads more ATP, but in COMPLETELY different ways. Creatine 'recycles' used ADP into ATP, and Ribose is an actual building block of ATP. Without Ribose, there's no ATP, and without creatine phosphate, there's no 'recycling' of the ADP into ATP.

Even though you can supplement creatine for a great level of energy boost, there are much more energy molecules being lost, from which no matter how much Creatine you use, without these energy molecules, your Creatine supplementation is useless to you.

So now do you see how Ribose and Creatine are such a perfect stack supplementing each other? Where the Ribose allows more production of ATP, and the Creatine allowing the re-production of ATP (from ADP). With the extra ATP being produced, you get the most of your Creatine 'recycling' these energy molecules.

2 Ribose products are recommended: EAS RiboForce HP and MuscleLink Ribose Size. They are both different, and meet different needs.

EAS RiboForce HP is a mixture of many ingredients, with the two main ingredients being Ribose and Creatine. You see, they're making good use of the Ribose and Creatine stack, which delivers excellent results. If you're currently not taking Creatine, but considering it, you may find RiboForce HP can give you that extra oomph in your workouts.

If you're already supplementing Creatine, then either MuscleLink's Ribose Size or Jarrow Ribose 100g should work great stacked with your creatine. It's a pure form of Ribose with nothing else added.

>> Click here for NOW D Ribose

You can read our review of both Ribose supplements here.