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Does HMB Supplements Work?

HMB (ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate) is a natural compound produced in the body in very small amounts, and it can be found in some foods like catfish and alfalfa. HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine, and numerous studies have shown HMB to be a precursor of cholesterol. A very small portion of leucine in the body is converted to HMB producing about 0.2 - 0.4g of HMB per day.

It is believed that stressed cells may not make sufficient HMG-CoA to support adequate cholesterol synthesis. HMB supplements could be used a readily available source of HMG-CoA for these cells to maintain cholesterol synthesis, which helps maintain cell membrane function. Studies have show HMB to decrease muscle membrane damage after strenuous exercising.

HMB plays a role in synthesis of muscle tissue in response to exercises and helps to reduce body fat - this is achieved indirectly from the gain in lean body mass, which oxidizes fatty acids (whether HMB plays a direct role in burning fat still needs concrete evidence).

However, the actual mechanisms of HMB metabolism are not known. One hypothesis suggests that HMB directly inhibits the catabolism of muscle proteins during stressful events such as exercise. Another possibility is that HMB is a structural component covalently linked to tissues or cell membranes and is destroyed when under stress. Thus, supplementation with HMB may both prevent muscle breakdown as well as accelerate tissue repair after exercise [2].

HMB Studies and Research

There are extensive research done on HMB that well documents its effectiveness in helping reduce muscle breakdown and helping muscle gain from strenuous exercising. Below are just a few of the hundreds of studies done on HMB.

HMB Study 1: In a study conducted by Institute of Sport and Physical Education (Biala Podlaska, Academy of Physical Education, Warsaw, Poland), a 3 week, double blind study involving 40 participants were placed in 4 groups: 1) placebo group, 2) 20g of creatine for 7day, 10g of creatine for 14 days, 3) 3g of HMB per day, and 4) Creatine and HMB.

Group 2, 3, and 4 gained 0.92kg, 0.39, and 1.54kg of lean body mass respectively, and had achieved accumulative strength increases of 37.5, 39.1, and 51.9 kg for each group respectively.

HMB Study 2: In a study done by Department of Education, East Tennessee State University, 39 men and 36 women were randomized into a placebo group or a HMB group given 3g of HMB per day. After a 4 week period of resistance training, the HMB group had a 7.5kg strength gain compared to 5.2kg of the placebo group. The HMB group also had a 1.4kg lean mass gain and lowered body fat by 1.1%, while the placebo group had a 0.9kg lean mass gain and lowered body fat by 0.8%.

HMB Supplement Benefits

Obviously, HMB helps prevent muscle break down and increases muscle gains:

  • Increases lean mass gains
  • Prevents muscle catabolism
  • Speeds up muscle repair
  • Decreases body fat
  • Decreases blood cholesterol levels

What's My View On HMB Supplements?

From all of above, HMB sounds pretty swell doesn't it? Sure did to me while I was researching up on it, and well, all this positive research and information convinced me to do a cycle of EAS HMB some time back, and honestly, I really don't know if taking HMB helped me. Of course, I had read up quite a bit on the positives on stacking HMB and Creatine, and yep, that's what I tried. Mind you I had done numerous cycles of creatine before, but trying HMB for the first time.

I got my self a month's supply of EAS HMB . At the same time, I coincided my HMB cycle with my creatine cycle, and during this time, I was taking creatine, HMB, glutamine, and some whey supplements. It was just a very basic cycle with nothing fancy other than the HMB, so I can objectively evaluate the effectiveness of HMB and test it out. I did a week of loading on creatine as usual followed with 4 weeks of maintaining. The HMB supply lasted me a little over 4 weeks.

During this cycle, I really can't say I felt any "different" or didn't quite feel the effects of HMB so to speak. After the 5 weeks, I gained maybe 2 to 3lbs - hard for me to say whether this was from the HMB or just regular body weight fluctuation. (Obviously, my cycle isn't very scientific like the studies listed above, but at least its real life situation with an average Joe trying to put on some weight. ^__^ )

Although the results weren't great for myself, I'm sure with all the conclusive research done on HMB, it does work, but to a certain extent. If you have the cash to spare, by all means, give HMB a shot, but if you're on a tight budget, save your money and stick with something tested and true like creatine, glutamine, whey supplements, tribulus, zma etc... There are reviews of these on the site here.

HMB Side Effects

Obviously, before trying anything new, I always dig around for all the dirt I can find on it, and side effects is something I always look at carefully (which you should also). And I have to say that I couldn't find any thing that had shown HMB to have any side effects. During my 4 week cycle of HMB, I didn't experience side effects of any kind from HMB.

The suggested daily dose of HMB is about 3 to 5 grams.

One of the better and cheaper HMB supplement I went for was EAS HMB. I got a month's supply for under $60.

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