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Boost Your Testosterone Levels With BSN Axis HT (Part 4)

In the previous parts of our BSN supplement stack guide, we covered Cell Mass (creatine supplement) and True Mass (weight gainer) supplements. In part 4, we will review BSN's Axit-HT, which is a testosterone supplement. The key active ingredients in Axis HT are ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate), tribulus terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) and several other ingredients that all work together to help increase testosterone levels, and sex drive.

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You can read user feedback on Axis HT we've received, and if you've used it please share your review.

I've used many natural testosterone enhancing supplements in the past including ZMA, Tribulus, Tribex, Tribesterone, Tongkat Ali, and the stack I often turn to is the ZMA and Tribulus stack. While it's true that various studies (1, 2) have found Tribulus to have little effect on muscle and strength gains, many users, myself included have had a positive experience using tribulus. Perhaps it's the placebo effect or something else, but regardless, tribulus is a relatively inexpensive supplement, and I know the increase in sex drive each time I`ve used Tribulus.

BSN Axis HT Review

I took Axis HT along with several other BSN products, and made some good gains in strength and size while using this stack. I attribute much of the strength gains to Axis HT, and Cell Mass. But I`ve used creatine enough times to know that the extra strength gains is beyond what a creatine supplement can provide. To gain a better understanding of how Axis-HT works, we need to review the active ingredients in this testosterone supplement, see the nutrition facts below:

Axis-HT Supplement Facts
120 Tablets
Serving Size 2 Tablet
Servings Per Container 60
Amount Per Serving % DV†
Magnesium(Magnesium Aspartate) 150mg 38%
Zinc(Monomethionine And Aspartate) 10mg 67%
Inositol Hexaphosphate **
TPS3™ (3 Fraction Tribulus Terrestris Composite Yielding A Precision Ratio Of Protodioscin And Saponin Concentrations) **
GF5™ (Proteinaceous Avian Nucleus Extract) Containing Naturally Occurring Growth Factors: IGF, FGF, NGF, EPF, GTCP) **
Safed Musli **
Eurycoma Longifolia **
Coleus Forskohlii (40% Forskolin) **
† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
** (DV) Daily Value not established

As mentioned earlier, the key active ingredients in Axis HT include ZMA, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, and several others.

ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate) - Through stress and exercises, Zinc and Magnesium are depleted from your body, which can lead to decreased testosterone levels. The ZMA formula supplements your body with good amounts of both Zinc and Magnesium. One study found ZMA to increase zinc levels by 11 - 17%, however, they noted no difference in the anabolic hormone status or strength gains, leading to the conclusion that ZMA did not appear to enhance training adaptations. 3

A strange side effect of ZMA commonly reported by users is weird and vivid dreams. I have experienced this myself many times as well, and this time was no different. Several days into the use of Axis HT, I started having very strange dreams at night, but the dreams are so vivid that when I wake up, I can almost completely remember what I dreamt about.

Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus has been used as a tonic and aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries. In recent decades, it has been promoted as a testosterone booster to enhancing muscle building and increasing sex drive. However, as we mentioned above, several studies have found Tribulus to have little effect on muscle and strength gains.

Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) - Tongkat ali, latin name Eurycoma longifolia, is a root that grows in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Similar to Tribulus, the herb works by affecting the lutenizing hormones in the body, which signal testosterone production. Various studies in rats have shown Tongkat Ali to increase sex drive and libido. 4

Safed Musli - is used as an aphrodisiac and pain reliever. It is a traditional medicine plant that are used in ayurvedic medicine, and its roots are used for preparing a tonic used in general sexual weakness.

BSN Axis HT Side Effects & Review

While a glance at some of the above active ingredients may not make Axis HT seem like a spectacular supplement - considering that there are scientific evidence disapproving some of these ingredients - but sometimes going against conventional wisdom is not such a bad idea. With so many users reporting positive results using Axis HT, there`s no reason to be held back from trying it.

My experiences from using Axis-HT is similar to that of many other users - noticeable increase in strength, workout aggression, and sex drive. There are users that report noticing an increase in overall aggression from taking Axis-HT; however, I did not notice any increase in my aggression compared to normal, while my workouts were much more intense and aggressive, I did not feel "aggressive" in any way. The combination of Axis HT and Cell Mass made me feel like I could go on and on in the gym, and my normal work load felt rather uninspiring.

The smell and taste of the Axis HT pills aren't very pleasant. It has a pungent herb like smell, and it tastes as bad as it smells - a bitter, herb like taste to the pills. I would suggest swallowing these pills as quickly as you can.

While there aren't many reported side effects of Axis HT, aggression seems to be one that some users experience. While I did not feel more aggressive in any way, I did seem to get a bad case of gas every time I took Axis HT with a meal as directed by the bottle instructions. I noticed that every time I took it with a meal, I had pretty bad gas problems. Then I started taking it separate from my meals (against the bottle instructions), and I did not experience the gas problems. I'm unsure if this is just me, or if other users have experience similar side effects.

Other than that, you can expect to feel a whole lot better pumping weights in the gym, and it is very likely that you will also notice an increase in sex drive.

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