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Pinnacle NoX2 for Boosting Nitric Oxide

pinnacle nox2Riding on the success of MRI NO 2, a few other makers came out with their own versions of NO 2, with exactly the same ingredients - one of them is Pinnacle's NoX2 Supplement.

Really, there's no difference between NoX2 and other NO 2 supplements, with the main ingredient being an amino acid called arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate, in doses of 3000mg.

NoX2 Supplement Information

Nitric Oxide (NO 2) was discovered in the 1980's by 2 scientists investigating a mysterious gas the appeared for just an instant when a muscle contracted and blood vessel dialated. Ed Byrd, who originally introduced creatine to the bodybuilding world, is also the same person that introduced NO 2.

What they managed to do is created an extended release delivery system that allows a continuous daily production of nitric oxide, thus providing you with a perpetual pump. The Nitric Oxide forces more blood to fill the spaces between your cells, thus engorging the muscles, leading to harder and fuller muscles.

You can read our more detail review of NO 2 in this article.

Pinnacle NoX2 Results

The most important question is does NO 2, or NoX2 delivery the promised results. While I could not find any substantial studies documenting the effects of NO on human subjects, I have received quite a few feedback and reviews of these supplements from users with real life experiences.

From the small sample of user feedbacks I've received, I have tabulated their results which include feedbacks on both NO 2 and NoX2. See below for summary:

  • Positive response - 9
  • Neutral response - 3
  • Negative response 5
  • 2 Users experienced a 2 to 3lb gain in weight
  • 1 user reported going from 205 to 226lb (21 lbs) in 2 months
  • 1 user reported going from 225 to 242lb (17 lbs) in 2 months
  • 13 users experienced no noticeable weight gain
  • 1 user experienced headaches and migraines
  • In general, there's an increase in overall strength and endurance
  • All positive feedbacks reported noticeable pump, and a prolonged pump, with fuller and harder muscles

These are the highlights from the reviews I received. Obviously, weight gain is not as apparent as the claims make it out to be, with only 2 users reporting extraordinary gains, and 2 users making gains in the 2 to 3lb range, and the rest with no noticeable weight gain. Other than that, Pinnacle NoX2 does live up to its claims for generating perpetual pumps.

Obviously, this is in no way a scientific measure of NoX2, but at least it does give some objective review of actual user feedback and experience with NO 2.

Pinnacle NoX2 Side Effects

While there isn't much documented side effects of using NoX2 supplement, high doses of arginine maybe toxic, and over use can lead to diarrhea and nausea. As said above, one user did experience headaches and migraines. Other than that, there isn't much more to say about its side effects.

If you're looking to buy the original MRI NO 2 online, you can forget that. It was sold to GNC sometime back, and the only place to get it is at GNC stores, and you should be prepared to shell out a good $80 bucks for it.

There are other Nitrc Oxide products available now, with exactly same ingredients consisting of 3000mg of arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate. The Pinnacle NoX2 supplement is one of the more popular NO 2 supplements available on the market, and compared to GNC NO 2, you will save close to $30 bucks, and you can get 3 bottle specials for even more discounts.

>> Click here for MRI NO2 Black

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