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What is Nitric Oxide, and What are the Benefits of NO2 Supplements?

NO 2 Hemodilator is a highly hyped, and "crazed" supplement on the market. Like when creatine monohydrate first hit the market, NO2 is making a big splash in the supplements industry and has many bodybuilders' interests piqued, and just like when creatine first came out, it's very costly.

If you've seen some ads for NO 2 supplement, you'll see the grand promises it makes:

  • Huge gains in lean mass
  • Accelerate fast twitch muscle
  • Perpetual pumps
  • Faster recovery and increased strength gains

So really, can the average Joe make fantastic gains with this 'miracle' supplement?

NO 2 hemodilator was introduced by Ed Byrd, who also happened to introduce creatine to the bodybuilding world. Given this fact, it would seem NO2 has some potential.

NO 2 - nitric oxide background

Nitric Oxide was originally discovered in the 80's - come to think of it, that's only about 20 years ago. Two scientists were studying a mysterious gas that was only present for an instant every time a muscle contracted and blood vessel dilated. They eventually discovered this gas, and it was called nitric oxide.

Hemodilation means widening of the blood channels, leading to increased blood flow resulting in more nutrient and oxygen delivery.

How Does NO 2 Hemodilator Work?

As said above, nitric oxide is present only briefly when a muscle contracts and blood vessel dilates. What it does is increases blood flow. When you exercise, nitric oxide is released causing blood surges, which is what you experience - called the 'pump'. However, this is only temporary, which is why you lose that awesome pumped feeling shortly after you finish your workout.

What Ed Byrd has managed to do, is developed a NO 2 extended release delivery system in what they call "pHyser3", and this forces a continuous daily production of nitric oxide, and you get a "perpetual pump".

Quote from NO 2 supplement ad:  [Hemodilation is initiated by nitric oxide synthesis. Nitric oxide is the "cell-signaling" molecule responsible for blood flow, oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, muscle velocity, power output, and gene-expression, or muscle growth. By sustaining nitric oxide levels in the skeletal muscles, NO 2 generates its sustained hemodilation. The channels that deliver muscle building agents to the muscle cells become "forced open" and remain that way throughout the day. The results are faster gains in lean mass, greater strength, increased endurance, complete full-body muscle recovery, and a "perpetual pump."]

NO 2 Nitric Oxide and Creatine Information

Both creatine and NO 2 supplements are introduced by the same person, Ed Byrd. So what's the connection between them other than the originator? Creatine volumizes cells by pulling water into the cell, which is known as water retention. NO 2, by hemodilation, fills up the spaces between the cells with blood, giving a continuous pump. The NO 2 is supposed to make the creatine pump harder as well. This leads to a synergistic effect between the two, and leading to greater pumps and a very dense and hard look.

Aside from all this, the makers claim that the biggest benefit of NO 2 Hemodilator is its ability to generate new muscle growth, increase strength, and improve muscle recovery.

NO2 Supplement - The Low Down

All of the stuff they claim about NO 2 sure sounds enticing huh? I have to admit, after looking into this supplement (Nutraceutical Expressor as they call it), I am inclined to shell out a little cash to try it. After all, the perpetual pumps, increase in strength, better muscle growth and recovery, and synergies with creatine makes it sound like one helluva supplement.

However, I looked high an low, and I have to tell you, I cannot find one study conducted on effects of NO 2 that backs up the claims made. That's right, those are just claims. And without studies to substantiate the claims, one can only go out on a limb and spend a hefty $80 bucks to buy it, and hope for the best.

With that said, perhaps I can shed some light on the effectiveness of NO 2 supplements based on real life experience feedback and reviews I have received from users.

From the small sample of user feedbacks I've received, I have tabulated their results with NO 2 Hemodilator as follows:

  • Positive response - 9
  • Neutral response - 3
  • Negative response 5
  • 2 Users experienced a 2 to 3lb gain in weight
  • 1 user reported going from 205 to 226lb (21 lbs) in 2 months
  • 1 user reported going from 225 to 242lb (17 lbs) in 2 months
  • 13 users experienced no noticeable weight gain
  • 1 user experienced headaches and migraines
  • In general, there's an increase in overall strength and endurance
  • All positive feedbacks reported noticeable pump, and a prolonged pump, with fuller and harder muscles

Update: 2 very popular BSN NO2 products have recieved close to 1,000 user reviews in total on our site, one is BSN Nitrix, and the other is BSN NO Xplode. The average rating from all the user reviews we received is 4.0/5.0. I can't possibly go through all these reviews and re-tabulate the results, but you can read the many user reviews we've received here.

These are the highlights from the reviews I received. Obviously, weight gain is not as apparent as the claims make it out to be, with only 2 users reporting extraordinary gains, and 2 users making gains in the 2 to 3lb range, and the rest with no noticeable weight gain. Other than that, NO 2 hemodilator does live up to its claims for generating perpetual pumps.

Obviously, this is in no way a scientific measure of NO 2, but at least it does give some objective review of actual user feedback and experience with NO 2.

NO 2 Side Effects

While there isn't much documented side effects of using NO 2 supplement, high doses of arginine maybe toxic, and over use can lead to diarrhea and nausea. As said above, one user did experience headaches and migraines. Other than that, there isn't much more to say about its side effects.

There are other Nitrc Oxide products available now, with exactly same ingredients consisting of 3000mg of arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate. For example, popular alternatives include Pinnacle's popular NOx2, BSN Nitrix, or Universal NOx3. (All have the same ingredients.) The main difference is the pricing.

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