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Homemade MuscleTech Cell Tech, EAS Phosphagen- Learn How

Make Your Own CellTech and phosphagen For Dirt Cheap

I'm sure some 'people' won't be happy about this, but I'm also sure regular folks like you and I will enjoy this. ;-) Practically everyone's heard of cell tech, and many probably spend quite a big chunk of money buying some - myself included. I'm also sure that many of you, like me, probably also tried other "creatine delivery" systems out there, ie. EAS phosphagen and a few others.

But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, without the big names or "proprietary formulations" behind the creatine products, there's two main ingredients left - creatine and carbs (namely dextrose). I haven't actually gotten around to do a review of EAS Phosphagen yet, but like Muscletech Cell Tech, and most other carb (insulin) based creatine delivery systems out there, it all comes down to creatine and dextrose. (read my Cell Tech review here.)

So, Why Dextrose (simple carb) and Creatine Monohydrate?

Good questions. The answer is really simple - insulin spikes. Whenever you eat food, your body release insulin in response to the food that's consumed. It's a well known fact that sweet stuff, especially simple carbs, if ingested in large amounts, can cause insulin spikes.

Insulin is released in response to the all the extra blood sugar, and it works hard to shove all that extra blood sugar into the cells, and this is when the creatine also gets shoved into the cells thus enhancing creatine absorption. Our Muscletech Cell Tech review part 2 talks about this in some detail, so you can read it here.

Making Your Own Creatine Delivery System

So why spend all the money to buy expensive stuff like CellTech or Phosphagen when you can make your own creatine delivery system for a fraction of the cost? I've been doing this for sometime now, and the results are just as good, and my wallet even gained some weight. ;-)

In any case, if you wanna save some money, then make your own Cell Tech or Phosphagen. Let's just see how easy this really is. Below is exactly how I make my own CellTech with the exact ingredients and costs involved, you'll see how much you can save and how much extra servings you'll get out of this method.

Ingredients Needed For Homemade Creatine Delivery System

  • Prolab Creatine Monohydrate - 1000g ($34)
  • Dextrose - 10lbs ($2 per 2lb bag X 5 bags)
  • Coolaid flavor paks - ($2 for 8 paks)
  • One 4Litre container

Look at that, the total cost runs you at $46 bucks, which will give you roughly 130 servings total. If you do loading (4 servings a day for 1st week), this will last you roughly 58 days, equivalent of a full 8 week cycle.

On the other hand, if you were to buy Cell Tech, the 7lb tub runs at $65 and has only 32 servings, which will last you for only 30 days at most, and that is, if you don't load during week one. Big difference huh?

With my homemade method, you spend about $46 bucks for 130 servings compared to $65 for only 32 servings of Cell Tech, or 42 servings of Phosphagen at $30. In the end, you'll still have 350g of creatine left over from the 1000g tub. What a deal! See calculations below to understand this a bit more.

1lb has 454g X 2bags = 908g (this is the amount of dextrose used to make 4 litres

908g / 35g per serving = 26 servings per 4L (aim for 35g of dextrose per serving)

26 servings X 5bags of dextrose = 130 servings total

Creatine used = 130 X 5g = 650g

Creatine leftover = 1000g - 650g = 350g

Simple and straightforward math. ;-) If I messed up, let me know.

Simple Instructions To Making Your Own CellTech, Phosphagen

I'm starting another cycle tomorrow with homemade stuff (by the time you read this, I probably will have started my cycle). So I made my Cell Tech today. Here's how:

  • Save those 4litre milk jugs you have - wash it and let it dry
  • Get a funnel, and pour one full bag (2lb) of dextrose in
  • Add in 2 paks of coolaid flavoring of your choice (I like lime and orange)
  • Fill the milk jug 1/3 full with cold water, then shake hard to make sure the dextrose and coolaid dissolves and mixes
  • Fill the milk jug all the way to the top, throw it in the fridge and you're done!

Important: Do NOT mix in your creatine at this time, unless you want creatinine, which is useless. Only mix in creatine at the time of each use.

(Note: the mixture above tastes awesome, maybe a little on the sweet side. I'd say it tastes just as good if not better than Cell Tech with coolaid!)

Now, the question you're probably wondering, is "how much do you take each time?" I've done the math for you already, so no worries. ;-) Generally, you want to get around 35g of dextrose with 5g of creatine per serving, and for after workouts, I prefer to get a full 70g of dextrose with 10g of creatine (2 servings).

4L (4000ml) / 26 servings = 154ml per serving

So, every serving size should be 154ml of the drink you just made, which will contain 35g of dextrose. 1 cup is 250mls, so fill 1 cup to about 60% full, and that's a full serving.

What About The Extra Ingredients?

You'll see a few other ingredients like Chromium Picolinate and Alpha Lipoic Acid in Cell Tech. They work to help make the receptors more receptive to insulin and enhances the insulin action. You can get these extra ingredients like Chromium and ALA for relatively cheap.

Personally, I didn't go thru all the trouble to get these two extra ingredients, but its up to you whether you wanna get them or not. Follow the links below to get all the ingredients you need for homemade Cell Tech.

>> Click here for Micronized Creatine
>> Click here for Optimum Nutrition Creatine
>> Click here for Prolab Creatine

>> Click here for Dextrose
>> Click here for Optimum Nutrition GlycoMaize Waxy Maize

>> Click here to buy MuscleTech Cell Tech Hardcore