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Amazing Homemade Energy Supplements (3)

A quick recap of our homemade weight gain supplement. In this recipe, there are just 5 ingredients, and no fillers. The 5 ingredients are:

  • Micronized Creatine
  • Waxy Maize
  • Beta Alanine
  • Citrulline Malate
  • Whey protein

In part 1, we covered both creatine and waxy maize. We mentioned that waxy maize was the source of carbohydrates for our supplement, and it was chosen over dextrose because of its high molecular weight, making it absorb much faster. In part 2, we covered two very interesting and important ingredients that help fight off fatigue, increase energy, improve endurance, and greatly enhance intense exercise performance. These two ingredients are beta alanine and citrulline malate. In this last part of our homemade bodybuilding supplement guide, we will explain how to put it all together, and give a cost breakdown of this very economical homemade weightlifting supplement.

Homemade Muscle Mass Supplement

As I've already mentioned, this supplement was designed to be an exceptionally effective pre-workout and post-workout supplement for intense weight lifting, and I follow the "bracketing" method of consuming it, where one serving is taken around 15 to 30 minutes before workout, and another serving is taken right after workout. There is a minor difference between the pre- and post-workout supplements, where in the post-workout serving, I take an extra scoop of waxy maize. Here's a breakdown of each serving:

Pre-workout serving:

Creatine - 5g
Waxy maize - 1 scoop (40g carbs)
Beta alanine - 2g
Citrulline malate - 3 to 4g
Whey protein - 1 scoop (23g)

Post-workout serving:

Creatine - 5g
Waxy maize - Slightly under 2 scoop (70-75g carbs)
Beta alanine - 2g
Citrulline malate - 3 to 4g
Whey protein - 1 scoop (23g)

As you can see, I take a bit more carbs for the post workout serving. The effects of this homemade stack is just awesome. No other word to describe it, and I get loads of servings from it, for a pretty good cost, since I buy all the individual ingredients and put it together myself.  Some of the exceptional effects that you will likely notice from using this include:

  • You don't feel fatigue or feel tired during your workout
  • You feel like you can keep lifting heavy all day while in the gym
  • The massive energy and endurance boost is just great
  • You will notice greatly reduced soreness and much faster recovery after workouts
  • You will likely find that you can greatly increase your workout intensity
  • Lift heavier weights, perform more reps, and reduce resting time

Those are just some of the effects I can think of at the moment. Regardless, all I can say is that the effects of this stack were fantastic. I've tried and tested out a lot of similar types of weight lifting supplements before, but none of them really had this kind of effect. One of the main reason I can attribute to this is that the other pre-made supplements contain a lot of fillers, and not enough of the main ingredients, whereas for my homemade supplement, solid amounts of each ingredient is included to maximize the effects. Many of the supplements you find on the market always have their own so-called "proprietary" formula, which contains dozens of ingredients, and the real amount included is never revealed.

With my homemade stack, you know exactly how much of each you are putting in, and how much you are getting per serving, and best of all, you have direct control of how much (or how little) of each ingredient you want to take per serving. However, I would suggest starting out with my recommended dosages as shown above.

Cost Breakdown of My Homemade Sports Supplement

Okay, so how much did it all cost me, how many servings are there, and what is the cost per serving? Let's figure it out. Below is a list of the ingredients I bought and the cost (numbers are rounded).

Dymatize creatine 1000g - $20 (200 servings)
Primaforce citrulline malate 200g - $20 (67 servings @ 3g/serving)
Now foods beta alanine 200g - $23 (100 servings)
Optimum nutrition glycomaize - $21 (75 servings)
(Note: The suggested serving size of citrulline malate on package label is 2g per serving. So it's actually 100 servings. But I set serving size at around 3g so it works out to 67 servings).

Please note, although I've used both Cytosport Monster Maize and Optimum's Glycomaize, I used ON's Glycomaize here for calculations just because it is so much cheaper than Monster Maize. The only thing is that Glycomaize is unflavored. As well, I bought Monster Maize to try it out, and wasn't all that impressed with its flavors. The fruit punch flavor was not too bad, but I'm not at all fond of the tangy orange flavor. I'm a big fan of orange flavors, almost always without fail. But something about Monster Maize's tangy orange flavor that I really don't like. So from now on, I'm just going to stick with the unflavored Optimum Glycomaize.

If you just get one tub of each of those four items (creatine, citrulline malate, beta alanine, and waxy maize), the total cost is only $84!! The cost per serving works out to $1.25. And from that you get at least 67 servings, and you'll have a whole bunch of leftovers for other uses! You'll have 133 servings of creatine left, 33 servings of beta alanine left, and a few servings of glycomaize left.

In any case, if we set the target base serving to about 150 servings, we would need:

1 tub creatine (200 servings) - $20
2 citrulline malate - $40 (Just under 150 servings @ 3g/serving)
2 Beta alanine - $46
2 Glycomaize - $42

Total cost for 150 servings works out to $148, and the cost of serving works out to just 98 cents ($0.98)! This is on par with, and in most cases, a lot cheaper than supplements that you buy on the market. However, the major advantage here is that there are absolutely no fillers, and only the best ingredients are used, and you are 100% sure that you are getting solid amounts of each of the key ingredients - unlike the "proprietary blends" where you never really know how much you are getting. Follow the links below to get the ingredients you need for this stack:

>> Click here for Dymatize Micronized Creatine
>> Click here for PrimaForce Citrulline Malate
>> Click here for Now Foods Beta Alanine


>> Click here for Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine
>> Click here for Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize (Recommended over Monster Maize)

Although Cytosport Monster Maize cost a bit more than Optimum's Glycomaize, I went with it because it comes pre-flavored (and also testing it out for the first time), while Optimum's Glycomaize is unflavored. I would suggest going with Glycomaize, since it is more economical.

ps. if you do use this recipe and make your own supplement, let me know how it worked out for you.

pps. the protein part was not included in the calculation since I assume protein is something that everyone would already be using as a post-workout shake.