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Andro Review - Andro Stack 850 Review and AST 4-Diol-250 Reviews

Andro Stack 850 and AST 4-Diol-250 Prohormones (2002)

With so many variations of prohormones out there, it's confusing enough as it is, not withstanding prohormones from different manufacturers, and then you have to deal with all the Androstene -dione, -diol, 19 nor-, and then there's the -4 dione and diol, and -5 dione and diol... eeshh... what a jumbled mess! Our series of articles on Andro and prohormones hopes to have cleared most of this up for you. Read our Androstenedione and Androstenediol article here.

With so many brands and types of prohormones, what should you choose? If you already know what you want (need), then that's great! But if you're unsure of what you should be using, read on. You may find this review helpful. We're going to review two of the more popular prohormone products on the market right now: Andro Stack 850 from Optimum Nutrition, and AST's 4-Diol-250. Let's start with the Andro Stack 850 Review.

Andro Stack 850 Review and Information

If you don't already know what Androstenedione is, then you should read our article on Androstenedione first. In short, Androstenedione (Andro) is a direct precursor to testosterone, and this is the basis for Andro Stack 850. It's called a "Stack" for a reason. Let's just take a quick peak see what's in Andro Stack 850:

Each Serving of 2 Capsules Contain:
Androstenedione: 100mg
DHEA: 100mg
Tribulus Terrestris: 650mg

Ah, so you see, it contains 3 main ingredients. The first ingredient is Androstenedione. Other 2 ingredients are DHEA and Tribulus. With this in mind, Andro Stack 850 is built on the popular DHEA-Andro-Tribulus stack. Let's take a look each.

Androstenedione: Not much needs to be said here. I already have full article on Andro. In short, it 'helps' increase your testosterone levels. However, we don't care too much for Androstenedione. Find out why in our new Androstenedione research update article.

DHEA: Unlike Androstenedione and -diol, DHEA is two steps away from testosterone. It converts into either Androstenedione, or Androstenediol. DHEA is the most prevalent hormone produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA has been shown to help weight loss, and increase the level of testosterone. However, I'm still a little skeptical on its effectiveness. Find out why in this DHEA article here.

Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus is naturally extracted form the rhizomes and roots of the plant Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus is a "testosterone enhancer". It's completely different from DHEA and Androstenedione - it works by increasing the production of LH (luteinizing hormone), which helps natural production of testosterone. Tribulus Terrestris details here.

The combination of this stack has worked nicely for many people. Instead of buying DHEA, Tribulus, and Andro separately, Optimum Nutrition put them all together in Andro Stack 850. This can save you a lot of hassle dealing with just 1 supplement instead of 3, and at the same time you can save some money. Many users have had positive gains with Andro Stack 850.

New Update: The FDA ban on ando (androstenedione) based prohormones are in effects, and so, you're unlikely to find any androstendione based prohormones.


AST 4-Diol-250 Review and Information (4-AD)

Another popular prohormone is AST's 4-Diol-250. Simply, it's just 4-Androstenediol (also know as 4-AD) and the 250 means there's 250mg in each tablet. Simplicity matters. ;-) Most agree that 4-Androstenediol would be the best prohormone available. Simply because 4-diol is the most anabolic of the prohormones. Compared to Androstenedione, Androstenediol has a conversion rate of over 15%, almost triple that of -dione.

AST 4-Diol-250 is just that, 250mg of 4-Androstenediol in each tablet. Simple, yet effective. To read about Androstenediol is more detail, click here.

Now, both products are user proven products that drives results. Which you choose is completely up to you; however, what has worked for others may NOT necessarily work for you. Before you elect to use these prohormones, you should fully understand what you're using (with our articles) and fully understand the possible side effects of using Andro. Read about Andro side effects here.