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Andro Supplement: Androstenedione Research - Articles Update

Andro Research Update (2002)

You should have a pretty good idea about Andro -dione and -diol if you've read our articles about prohormones:


We have some new information and research conducted on Androstenedione, and you might be interested to read about.

Androstenedione Research

Andro Research 1:

In a study investigating the effects of Androstenedione on 42 healthy males between 20 to 40 years of age, subjects received either 100mg per day (group 1), or 300mg per day (group 2), or placebo for 7 days (group 3). The results found group 2 (300mg) had significantly higher levels of testosterone than both group 1 and 3. However, they also found that estrogen levels were also significantly higher in group 2, and also in group 1, who did not show significant increase in testosterone.

Andro Study 2:

In a study involving 20 young males, 8 weeks of resistance training and 300mg of andro was administered (group 1), and a placebo given to the control group (group 3). There were also 10 males who were given 100mg of andro per day (group 2). Results showed that andro effects on testosterone were minimal, but estrogen levels were increased by more than 50%.

Also, by the end of 8 weeks, the researchers found no difference in muscle and strength gains between the placebo group and the andro groups. They also found in the andro groups, HDL cholesterol (the good kind) declined, while the control group's did not.

Andro Research 3:

In another study published by American Medical Association Journal, they found similar results as the 2 studies above. They found that supplementing androstenedione had very little effects on testosterone levels, and also HDL cholesterol decreased while LDL (bad) cholesterol levels increased by 12%. They also found estrogen levels increased in the participants who took androstenedione.

The Final Decision - Should You Use Andro?

I'm not telling you whether you should use andro or not, but rather provide you with unbiased and accurate information (to the best of my knowledge) so that you can make a better, informed decision.

With the above research in mind, you're gonna have to decide if its worth the risks or not to use Androstenedione. But one thing is for sure, pro-longed used of Andro or any prohormone can cause some serious health issues and adverse side effects. I have many articles on this site about prohormones, and highly recommend you read through them for a better understanding of prohormones:

Prohormones and Andro Basics
Androstenedione vs Androstenediol
Andro Side Effects
Andro Stack 850 and AST 4-dio-250 reviews
Tribulus Terrestris (Not a hormone, but makes an interesting read)

Unlike most other bodybuilding supplements, prohormones are a very new area, and lack significant and long term research to test its full and long term effects. Research does suggest Androstenediol supplements have more value and are more effective than Androstenedione supplements. Read about it in the article links provided above.

If you're planning to purchase prohormones to enhance your workouts, consider buying online, and save some money. Follow the links below.