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Ergopharm 1 AD Side Effects and Use

Ergopharm 1 AD Side Effects (2003)

On most of the advertising you see, its gonna tell you Ergopharm 1 AD has little or even no side effects, which is not true - heck, why ruin a great image when they're trying ta sell you stuff? Well, there are side effects to using 1 AD, but nothing too serious and can't be dealt with. (If you missed part I of Ergopharm 1 AD, read it here.)

Below are some 1 AD side effects:

  • Upset stomach, gastro pains.
  • Lowered sex drive, libido.
  • 1 AD can convert to DHT, which causes hair loss; however, its not know what the conversion is, but the manufacturer says its rather low.
  • Increased urination and some might also have a little painful urination at times
  • Doesn't cause water retention like many other prohormones (a good thing)

Now, from what I've seen, read, and researched upon, some of these side effects can be mostly alleviated if 1 AD is used properly.

For upset stomach and gastro pains, take 1 AD with a big meal. On the bottle suggested use, you'll see it says take with a meal, so do that. 1 AD taken alone or with very little food can cause upset stomach, and taking it with a large meal seems to solve this problem.

Ergo pharm does acknowledge the fact that 1 AD leads to increased urination, and also can lead to slightly painful urination. Again, it is recommended to drink 1 litre extra of water on top of what you normally drink, and this does get rid of the painful urination problem. But you'll still be going to the can often, which is really no big deal.

Lowered libido is quite common among 1 AD users, and a recommended "remedie" to this is stacking Ergopharm 1 AD with a 4-diol - this is a very popular stack. See our review of AST 4-diol 250 here. Others worth considering are tribulus terrestris, or tribex 500 from biotest.

Ergo pharm 1 AD Benefits

On the plus side, there are some major advantages of 1 AD over other prohormones.

  • Ergopharm 1 AD is a -diol, hence, no estrogen formation or aromatization
  • 1 AD is orally active - explained in Ergopharm 1 AD article 1
  • 1 AD converts to 1-testosterone - 700% more anabolic than testosterone
  • You most likely won't have any water retention or "watering out" effect with 1 AD like with other prohormones. You gain lean, hard mass with 1 AD

Keep in mind tho, 1 AD is quite new, and still lacks extensive research.

Ergopharm 1 AD Recommended Use

The recommended use of 1 AD is taking 1 to 2 caps three times a day for a total of 300 to 600mg dose. And it's a good idea to take them with your large meals as you read in side effects section above. There are more advanced builders who use a much more aggressive dose at upwards of 900 to 1200mg, but do it safe, and follow the more conservative recommended doses on the bottle.

As always, remember a cycle shouldn't last longer than 8 weeks, try for 4 to 6 weeks. At which time, take a equal or even longer period of time off from this stuff. It's for your own good. :)

On average, you can experience some good gains in a 4 week period - gunning for 10 to 15lb is quite reasonable. ;-) and best of luck to you! The downside of 1 AD is its heafty price tag. A 60 cap bottle will last you at most 2 weeks, so its best to get the 3 bottle deals they got. The 1 bottle is around $70 and 3 bottles is around $210 at retail.

Buy it online, and you can save $15 bucks on the single bottle, and save $60 bucks for the 3 bottle deal.

Due to the Prohormone Ban, Ergopharm 1 AD is no longer available.