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Human Growth Hormone HGH - HGH Products

Human Growth Hormone HGH Supplement

Studies show that supplementing with hgh will help you stay young and vibrant. Although you can't buy real human growth hormone (HGH) over the counter, however, you can improve your human growth hormone (hgh) levels by supplementing with natural HGH precursors.

Oral hgh growth hormone stimulators continue to gain popularity among people looking to get lean, maintain muscle and reduce overall body fat. These natural products continue to be among the hottest supplements on the market. HGH precursors are being used to ward off many of the undesirable effects of the aging process.

Here’s quick glimpse into what we know about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and these natural HGH elevating supplements.

In addition to playing a role in our actual growth during our developing years, human growth hormone also plays an important part in our metabolism as adults.

It’s likely that the decline of growth hormone levels in our body as we age is closely connected with many of the physical manifestations of getting old: hair loss or graying, wrinkling of the skin, loss of energy and increased fatigue, increase in body fat stores and loss of muscle mass, decreased sexual function, onset of certain diseases, etc.

Humang Growth Hormone (HGH) Research and Benefits

Clinical Research clearly suggests that restoring levels of HGH in the body has numerous positive outcomes for both men and women. These likely include:

  • overall decrease in body fat
  • an increase in lean muscle mass
  • restoration of hair loss and color
  • decrease in LDL, the bad cholesterol
  • increase in HDL, good cholesterol
  • enhanced sexual function
  • increased energy
  • enhanced immune function
  • thickening of skin
  • improved sleep patterns
  • mood elevation

These positive results are well-documented by the scientific literature:

''Diminished secretion of growth hormone is responsible in part for the decrease oflean body mass, the expansion of adipose-tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occurs in old age''. (New England Journal of Medicine, 1990; 323:1-6).

The same study found that administering human growth hormone (hgh) resulted in a 8.8% increase in lean body mass (muscle) and a 14.2% decrease in adipose-tissue mass (fat) in the test subjects.

Pro HGH Products - Symbiotropin PRO HGH & Promino Plus

Natural hormone releasing supplements PRO hGH and Promino Plus AM/PM are two of the most popular—are most often taken orally in the form of effervescent tablets or powders. It’s believed that the effervescent nature of the product allows for more rapid and effective absorption. Once absorbed, these supplements act to stimulate the body to release GH and produce IGF-1.

The early clinical evidence suggests that supplements which promote the release of the body’s own natural GH are safe with no known side-effects. This, of course, is one of the major advantages that these supplements have over the more costly and potentially dangerous use of prescription HGH injections.

It’s theorized that these supplement may aid individuals in developing and
maintaining lean muscle mass, promoting fat loss, tightening skin, and fighting the effects of the aging process in general.

As far as the research goes, it’s still early, but supplemental human growth hormone (HGH) precursors have developed a very loyal following among professional athletes, fitness models, and other interested in maintaining lean muscle, dropping body fat, and fighting off the unnecessary deterioration of the body that progresses with age.


Copyright MuscleMaster. Reprinted with permission.