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How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Month Safely

How to Lose Weight Safely

By Rose Shapas

The secret to a slim, flab-free body is learning how to channel your energy so you burn calories instead of storing them. People who are obese or carry some extra weight are always concerned about how to get rid of the extra pounds quickly, easily and safely to get better bodies. You can follow a plan to lose 10 pounds over a period of a month or even less, which is a safe target to achieve. For every woman aged over 40, this regimen will help you get rid of excess fat and take years off your figure. By dieting and exercising, you’ll firm up and trim down, get a toned body and have a fabulous body.

Your Diet

Eating leaner doesn’t mean starving yourself! Enjoy plenty of vegetables and fruit that are full of easy-to- burn calories. This substantial daily intake of foods low in fat, but high in carbohydrates and protein provide staying power and boosts your body’s engine running efficiently. Some people think that fruits and vegetables do not provide any proteins, but that is wrong. Green leafy vegetables have what are called “Vegetable Proteins”, which are different from the amino acids found in animal proteins. Vegetable Proteins help build muscle mass and can also take care of the protein needs of vegetarians.

For aging people, it is important to maintain their carbohydrates and protein intake as they provide power to the body and to boost their energy. This is particularly important as we grow older. After the age of 25, it becomes harder to lose weight because your metabolism slows down slightly every year. Fat is most likely to accumulate on the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Follow an exercise plan

Exercise also helps prevent the yo-yo syndrome and staves off the tendency toward osteoporosis. If you cut back on calories without exercising, you’ll lose mostly water and carbohydrates and break down your own muscle protein for energy.

Plan an hour of exercise every day, which can include walking, jogging, running or cycling. Some people may want to start swimming, which is also good. But remember, you need to start slow and make a routine to avoid over stressing yourself. Start with half an hour of daily walk and increase it to an hour every day.

Limit the amount of processed foods

As already mentioned above, your diet will form an important part in helping you reduce weight effectively. By limiting the amount of processed foods like bakery items, sweets, fast foods, fried and oily meals, you can control the amount of fat intake, and hence cut down on your calorie intake. Limiting the amount of meat intake also helps to some extent. Also, increase the amount of salad intake, but not just any salad, as salad bars usually serve pasta, dressings and croutons which have a high fat content. Go for the low fat variety or skip the dressing and pasta all together.

Get enough sleep

Research shows that people who do not get enough sleep have a tendency of actually increasing their cravings for sweet and sugary foods, which leads to fat being stored in their body. So getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day is important.

Sleep is also important for bodybuilders and trainers who are working on building body mass. It is during sleep that a bulk portion of muscle growth takes place. When the body rests between workouts and also at night, the muscle cells use the available nutrients from protein supplements to build and repair damaged muscle cells, helping to build muscle mass. If bodybuilders do not get enough sleep, it eventually starts showing its negative effects such as a decrease in the energy and hormone levels and an increase in catabolic hormones which destroy the muscle cells.

Breakfast is important!

A healthy breakfast is crucial as it keeps the body healthy and going for the rest of the day. Your breakfast should have fruits and some nuts to give you a good source of protein, carbs and fibre. Some great ideas for protein rich breakfasts include eggs, oatmeal, bacon, cheese and smoothies.

Have 4 – 6 small meals daily

Taking 4 to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals keeps the digestive system active and revs up your metabolism. This way, you feel energetic throughout the day and the body stores less fat.

No matter how fat or obese you are, make sure that you follow a healthy weight loss plan. Rapid weight loss is not a healthy approach and is never advised by dieticians and fitness experts. The best way is to start slow and move towards your goal by changing your habits and changing your lifestyle. These lifestyle changes will benefit your health for several years to come.

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About the Author

Rose Shapas is a fitness expert and works with Bodyman providing information and health advice to bodybuilders as well as those looking to lose weight.