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3 Keys to Burning Stubborn Body Fat - Fat Loss Tips

Copyright Faisal Khetani

You're about to learn three "power tips" for burning fat that fitness models, athletes, & high profile personal trainers use to bring out those sexy abs, arms, & thighs in no time...

Honestly, I'm a little sick and tired of hearing the same old "top ten fat loss tips" circulating in magazines and on websites...

You're smart enough to realize that regular exercise and dieting will help you lose fat, but you're looking for better advice, something powerful yet easy to follow. The following tips offer the solution you've been looking for:

Tip 1:
Replace breads, pastas, & rice with fruits and vegetables. No, this is not the atkins diet, because you are not avoiding carbs, you're just replacing the "types" of carbs you eat.

Fruits and vegetables provide a very fast burning source of carbohydrates, which means that they are used up by your body for energy rather than being stored and converted to fat.

Basically, by eating fruits and vegetables, you'll have a lot of energy throughout the day...

Conventional sources of carbs, such as breads, rice, & pasta, are notoriously slow burning sources of carbs, and eventually convert to fat if not fully utilized for energy.

Additionally, most breads and pasta are highly processed and un-nutritious, so its not a good idea to consume them for proper nutrition reasons anyways.

Lastly, fruits and vegetables are 70-80% water, which means that by eating them you'll stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Also, they are high in fiber and enzymes, so consuming them throughout the day literally causes the fat to "melt away".

As a general rule, eat at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Whenever you have a craving for something sweet, grab a fruit! Don't underestimate the power of this tip, it is one of the well-kept secrets of fitness models, bodybuilders, and celebrities worldwide.

Tip 2:
Drink at least 16 glasses of PURIFIED water a day.

The truth is, 8 glasses is okay for the average person, but if you want to burn fat as quickly as possible, 16 glasses will get the job done.

Water helps to supercharge your cells, flush out harmful toxins, and boost your metabolism.

Consuming a lot of water makes it hard for the fat to "stick" to your body. However, this doesn't mean that you can pig out and expect the water to flush away all the fat.

Additionally, by drinking 16 glasses of water a day, you most likely won't have a need for coffee, since your energy and concentration levels will rise.

Be careful, because tap water is not a good choice. Ideally, you want to drink purified water, either through a commercial filter or boiled. Your very best bet, by far, is natural spring water, since it has the balance of minerals that mother-nature has perfected.

Boxers and athletes drink tons of water a few weeks before "game time", to get as lean as possible...

Tip 3:
Do 20 Minutes of Light Resistance Training Before Your Cardio...

If you want to burn up to 200% more fat during you aerobic or cardio workout routine, then you must do a light session of weight lifting or resistance training for about 20 minutes.

Your body does not burn fat for the first 20 minutes of any exercise! Thats right, if you run for 20 minutes without doing any exercise before-hand, you will only be burning glycogen, not fat. Glycogen is the source of energy used by your muscles.

Basically, you have to elevate your heart rate for at least 20 minutes before your body starts burning fat...

The best way to elevate your heart rate and kick-start your metabolism is to do light resistance training for about 20 minutes before your cardio routine. What this does is two things:

1) You break that 20 minute "plateau" your body needs to start burning fat.
2) You raise your metabolism 100-200%, which means that while you do your cardio/aerobic routine, you'll literally burn up to twice more fat.

Resistance, or weight training boosts your metabolism like no other form of exercise, often for a period of 24 hours or more. So, your body will burn fat even while you sleep, as your muscles recover overnight.

Now you know why all those successful "aerobic videos" usually make you use resistance bands or small dumbbells as part of the workout routines. You can use resistance bands, free weights, or machines. Keep in mind that you must do "light" resistance training so you still have plenty of energy to run or do cardio. To see fast results from your workout routines, definitely follow this strategy for maximum fat loss.

RECAP: Okay, so lets summarize the three "power tips" for rapid fat loss:

1) Replace breads, pasta, & vegetables with fruits and vegetables
2) Drink 16 glasses of purified water or spring water a day
3) Do 20 minutes of light weight lifting (resistance training) before your cardio routine

The only thing left now is for you to go out and "get em' tiger". These specific strategies will drop the pant sizes and bring out the curves faster than you can buy a new wardrobe.

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